Big (Kevin) Hart and a check just as big

"Kevin Hart's a nice guy," Kevin Hart humbly said, referring to himself in the third person at a private lounge in Rockefeller Center.

If the confident assertion of kindness wasn't enough to convince you, the giant Kevin Hart-sized check might have done the trick. Not only was the check as big as Hart himself, it also had the plump sum of $50,000 plopped on the bottom right corner.

While Hart earned the money, it wasn't for him. The check was made out to "Help from the Hart," a new charity Hart started, one that's dedicated to make some positive changes in the world. One of those things is helping send kids to college who otherwise couldn't afford it. The Stars Group is down with that kind of positivity and presented Hart with the check right after he finished rehearsing for Saturday Night Live a few days ago. Hart, as he says, is down, too.

"I'm all about partnerships," Hart said. "Wherever someone can help me help others, I'm down for that."


That's where The Stars Group and Hart get along. Hart's achieved a lot for himself, but that doesn't mean he's about to start slowing down. He literally just ran a marathon for the first time.

That would be enough for any of us. Hart wash just getting started. Last time we met up with him in July he was launching his own streaming comedy service. Since then, he ran the New York Marathon, co-starred in the remake of Jumanji, filmed a series of skits with Usain Bolt, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for kids. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, when Hurricane Harvey hit, Hart headed in that direction to help out.

So, this past weekend while rehearsing for Saturday Night Live, he showed up hand over the $50,000 check for Help from the Hart. The funds are intended for kids like the one Hart used to be. No matter how much Hart succeeds in Hollywood and across the world, he'll always have his strong inner-city Philly roots to keep him grounded in what's important.

He'll argue about quarterbacks with die-hard Eagles fans and instantly recall his childhood streets. It's kids in those areas, Hart knows, whose parents make just enough money to not get enough college aid and have no way of paying tuition.

Hart is happy to step in and help connect these kids to a collegiate world. Hart's a uniter. He brings people together with his comedy and with his charity. It's also why he plays poker.

"I look at poker as a game that brings people together," Hart said. "When you think about the places I've been to play the game and the fact that, you know, Germans to Russians to Spanish people. Black and White. We're all at the same table conversing about the same game that so many people now understand and know."

Hart says that's one of the chief reasons he continues to play.

"You put yourself in a position to familiarize yourself with others. You're bringing people together," he said.


"And my wife lets me do it," he said.

That's the big one. Everyone needs boss approval. She's also letting him head down to the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where Hart is playing the $100K Super High Roller.

If you want to unite with Hart and don't have $100K to do so, you can still try to satellite down online. The beautiful Bahamian series still three weeks away, and you can tell Hart he inspired you to follow your dreams and qualify.

Of course, by that time Hart might have already finished a new comedy special, finished an Iron Man Triathlon and found a way to reverse global warming.

After all, he's just getting started.

Alex Villegas
@AlexRamiroV in PokerStars news