Bigger, Better, Hotter Tournaments

Though it may not be as flashy as our *COOP Series or Live Events, the weekly tournament schedule at PokerStars is a behemoth. While SCOOP and WCOOP make headlines for their record-setting prize pool numbers, the weekly tournament schedule has quietly generated almost $1.5 billion in prizes so far in 2017!

Similar to my blog post announcing the marquee changes to WCOOP, I'd like to provide you information regarding upcoming changes to the weekly tournament schedule. These changes will be live from this coming Monday (October 23, 2017). In addition to the big changes you'll read about below, here is a link to a document outlining the numerous other changes being made.


We've been running a Players Advisory Council, which you can read about here, and some key feedback was a desire for more high stakes tournaments. In response to this, we're adding a $2,100 High Roller on Sundays at 13:30 ET. We're also adding a daily $530 High Roller at 15:00 ET and modifying the Super-Sized Sunday to have a $530 buy-in... and to run daily as a "Bounty Builder High Roller". If these additions are successful, we will be more than happy to consider future alterations to the high-stakes schedule.

PSC Monte Carlo_card_20oct17.jpeg

Additionally, all tiered Majors will now share a start time. This means that in many cases the "Mini" and "Micro" versions of our popular Majors will begin earlier. The daily themed Majors (such as Monday 6-Max, Fast Friday, and so on) will begin at 06:00, 14:00, and 19:00 ET.

We're also adding new daily Majors, including a 3-Max Progressive KO Zoom tournament with buy-ins of $215/$22/$2.20 starting at 16:45 ET. Players have been asking to see these outside of our *COOP Series for some time now. We hope this daily addition scratches the itch.

Big Sundays

Bigs and Hots will be rebranded "Bigger" and "Hotter" on Sundays, a change which should give some of our most enthusiastic players a dose of nostalgia. You may ask, what is "Bigger" and "Hotter" about them? From October 29, the Sunday versions of the Bigs, Hots, and Bounty Builders will all allow re-entry. For many, Sunday is appointment poker, and we want to give players more opportunities to play their favourite games. Additionally, Omania tournaments currently have a "Saturday Special" version where the buy-in is doubled. Going forward, this will extend to Sunday and be called "Weekend Special".

Tiny Tweaks

Although there have been countless small changes, the weekly tournament schedule was last revamped in April 2016. Since then, we've run several tournament series, players' tastes have changed, and the online poker market has evolved. With all of this in mind and taking into account feedback from our players, we've made a substantial number of changes beyond those listed above. For those interested in more detail, please view our complete list of changes. For those who made it this far and do not feel compelled to look at the detailed changes, don't worry, we'll mark everything that's new in the PokerStars client with some bright purple text!

Good luck at the tables!

Luke Staudenmaier is Tournaments Team Manager for PokerStars.

Luke Staudenmaier
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