Buy-in low, winnings high: The low stakes winners from the weekend

We posted the biggest results of the weekend yesterday, and you can read those here. Today we look at the low stakes winners, who possess some of the biggest returns on investment of the weekend.


Below you'll find the best winners in each.

Best of the low stakes winners

$11 Sunday StormBozajzmaSerbia $22,780.68
$5.50 Mini Sunday Marathonsitiolibre29Malta $6,449.00
$11 Mini Sunday KickoffRafa.OrtizZzBrazil $5,057.91
$11+R Saturday Rebuyxerox206New Zealand $4,948.45
$8.88 Saturday Spider [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo]Dih21Brazil $4,227.87
$11 Mini Sunday StarterwycioreksPoland $4,024.07
$5.50 Mini Sunday Stackoskar322Estonia $2,448.22
$11 Mini Saturday KO [Late Edition]zhuravecUkraine $1,905.81
$11 Mini Sunday Wrap-Upazevedo45Brazil $1,882.46
$11 Mini Saturday KO [Early Edition]Rotkäpchen08Germany $1,637.34

Best of the micro stakes winners (buy-in of $3 or less)

$3.30+R Mini Sunday RebuyjcashcollectCanada $3,569.70
$3.30 Saturday MicroMachaBettinaHungary $2,026.61
$3.30 Micro Saturday Speedway [Turbo]420johan420Norway $1,138.54
$2.20 Micro Saturday KOmr.WhiteeeeeGreece $1,026.58
$1.10+R Mini Saturday RebuymendarkuRomania $879.80
$2.20 Mini Sunday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]PZYDARMANRomania $610.53
$2.20 Mini Saturday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]MamkePrivetUkraine $550.14

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