Decision time: A trip to the PCA or more of this?

If you live in the northern hemisphere, tell us if the following is familiar to you:

The windows frozen over
Your car not starting in the morning
Your toes are numb from the icy wind, if they haven't dropped off completely
Temperatures are dropping faster than you can find more clothes to wear
An urge to sob, tempered only by the fear of freezing your eyes shut

Even worse than this is the prospect of more to come. Those poor souls seasonally affected are already in full lock down, counting the days until spring, while knowing only too well that the calendar hasn't officially reached winter yet. The rest of us push on bravely, but there's no denying it. Winter is coming.

frozen_house_30nov17.jpgOne minute you're out mowing the lawn, the next minute...

gaishorn_snow_30nov17.jpgThis is the kind of commute you can look forward to

Then there's the waking up in darkness, and at best that blast of cold rain in your face as you step out the door, before trudging home, cold, soaked to the skin, and beaten by the elements, hoping your fingers will thaw long enough to do it all again tomorrow.

heavy_rain_30nov17.jpgEven if you escape the snow, your windscreen wipers will have worn themselves out by New Year

How are we doing? Feeling ready to join us in the Bahamas for the PokerStars Caribean Adventure yet?

There's only one known cure for SAD*, but luckily we happen to manufacture the antidote.


That antidote is escape, specifically to somewhere warm, hospitable, and rich in Vitamin D. Frostbite is against the law in the Bahamas, as is moving at a speed any faster than "island time". So, while the walk from your luxury hotel room to the tournament room might be considered a commute, it can at least be routed via the beach, or between palm trees, which we consider bearable.


Best of all this treatment costs as little as $5.50, the cost of a PCA satellite. Hundreds of players have already booked their seats, winning packages that include Main Event seat, flights to and from the Bahamas, accommodation at the Atlantis Resort, and spending money when you get there.

There are 56 satellite listed in the PokerStars Tournament Lobby in the next week alone, with more scheduled in the lead up to the first event of the PCA in January, which you can call the "I'm going to the beach" event if you prefer.


Play meanwhile starts on January 6 with the $100,000 Super High Roller.

Let's be clear... it's highly likely you'll survive the winter with your toes and sanity intact. But why risk it?

*This claim is based on no scientific evidence whatsoever.

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