From the archives: Top 5 "WTF" Moments

As Joe Stapleton puts it: "Holy... Schneiky", and when you see some of the hands in our latest video, well, there's really no other way of putting it. That goes for when in polite company at least. But between us we're calling them out Top 5 WTF moments, and after watching the video below it's not hard to see why.

In this latest journey into the archive, the team have come up tops with some real shockers, each one more jaw dropping than the previous. It starts with a terrible read, and is followed by among other things, an heroic move with four-deuce, a rare error by Vanessa Selbst, a four-way all in, and an unforgettable moment that even now prompts German players to apologise to Team Canada.

They're all in this Top 5 video, which you can watch below.

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