Go big in more places: MEGASTACK goes international

You know something is a big deal when it reaches ALL-CAPS status.

PokerStars MEGASTACK (say it in a big voice like you were the progeny of Orson Welles and a woman named Zeus) is grabbing its mega-passport and heading off for other countries.

Having launched to much fanfare at London's Hippodrome in April, the PokerStars MEGASTACK is setting its sights on Ireland, Belgium, and France. Aimed at recreational players who want to kick back and have a good time with real money on the line, MEGASTACK (imagine timpani drums echoing in a giant cavern) gives you the big-time PokerStars experience for a fraction of the buy-ins.


And the venues are pretty, too!

"PokerStars MEGASTACK is the perfect opportunity for you and your mates to get together to play poker, whether that's for pure fun or as a stepping stone in your poker career," said Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. "Players can expect an awesome poker experience and it will definitely be unforgettable for most players."

So, now...(crescendo of drums and horns) MEGASTACK has decided to increase its guarantees while still offering cheap buy-ins. Also guaranteed? A big stack...nay...a MEGASTACK to start your tourney experience.

(Cue the cute bunny running through a green meadow)...you don't have to be MEGA yourself to play. You can qualify on PokerStars from the relative safety and security of your own home for as little as €1.10 and then play live from Friday-Sunday. You want balance in your life? There it is.

So (monster foot stomping through a meadow of broken glass and concrete blocks), open up your calendar and see which weekend you're ready to go MEGA.


PokerStars London MEGASTACK, May 5 - 7, £170, £25,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Leinster MEGASTACK, May 12 - 14, €170, €50,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Gujan-Mestras MEGASTACK, June 28 - July 2, €170, €40,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Malta MEGASTACK, June 29 - July 2, €170, €30,000 Guarantee
PokerStars London MEGASTACK, June 30 - July 2, £170, £25,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Connacht MEGASTACK, July 21 - 23, €170, €30,000 Guarantee
PokerStars La Grande-Motte MEGASTACK, September 5 - 10, €170, €100,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Namur MEGASTACK, September 14 - 17, €170, €40,000 Guarantee
PokerStars London MEGASTACK, October 20 - 22, £170, £25,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Munster MEGASTACK, November 24 - 26, €170, €30,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Forge-les-Eaux MEGASTACK, December 14 - 17, €170, €40,000 Guarantee
PokerStars Ulster MEGASTACK, January 12 - 14, 2018, €170, €30,000 Guarantee

Need to know more? Check out this link for more info.

(Long loud coda featuring Plácido Domingo.)

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