Goias92 tops the weekend's low stakes winners

The weekend is mostly about the big winners in the Sunday Majors. But it's not all about them. Below you'll find details of those who won at the other end of the high stakes-low stakes spectrum, including those who won big for free.

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Low stakes winners

$11 Sunday StormGoias92Brazil $22,868.08
$11 Mini Sunday KickoffBemo_RTSPoland $7,041.49
$5.50 Mini Sunday MarathonAluganskUkraine $6,020.87
$11+R Saturday RebuydilisuniHungary $4,903.91
$8.88 Saturday Spider [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo]Th3Pok3rM3nRomania $4,203.89
$11 Mini Sunday StarterAziz.ManchaBrazil $3,381.46
$5.50 Mini Sunday StackSalari96Netherlands $2,465.83
$11 Mini Saturday KO [Early Edition]xthaBrazil $1,925.54
$11 Mini Sunday Wrap-UpJR_SchimittBrazil $1,776.44
$11 Mini Saturday KO [Late Edition]fogsplitterGermany $1,696.89

Miro stakes winners

$3.30+R Mini Sunday RebuywellyoneNetherlands $2,717.74
$3.30 Saturday MicrojoaopiaBrazil $1,580.00
$3.30 Micro Saturday Speedway [Turbo]blofisGreece $1,141.99
$2.20 Micro Saturday KOgutomparaguaBrazil $1,033.07
$1.10+R Mini Saturday RebuyDaveyM94United Kingdom $997.43
$2.20 Mini Sunday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]FrajjolaBrazil $518.33
$2.20 Mini Saturday Slam [4-Max, Progressive KO]PavlozzzzNetherlands $414.27

Freeroll winners

Weekly Stars Rewards FreerollVityanya799Russia$1,355.69
Weekly Stars Rewards FreerollFeel WarnerRussia$511.02

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