Hatrick19911 knocks SinKarma out of top All Star spot

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We're now halfway through the All Stars Challenge, and the Ukrainian player Hatrick19911 is leading the way with an impressive $16,542 in profit against the toughest of tough competition.

Spanish player SinKarma had been in the lead until yesterday when a rough session saw him fall out of the Top 5 as both Hatrick19911 and Iimitless capitalised to move up the rankings.

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There have been ups and downs on a daily basis as the games have been exceptionally aggressive with all players pulling the trigger on big bluffs and heroic calls - and not always correctly! No player encapsulates this better than SDMaxOn. The Russian All Star started the challenge on the back foot but has grinded his way into 5th place with $4,246 in profit over 12,514 hands - the most hands played by anyone!


Fan favourite OtB_RedBaron is ominously poised in second place with an impressive $13,732 profit from just 2,765 hands. The All Stars are playing at $10/$20 stakes, so just one or two big hands could catapult Otb_RedBaron into the lead, and it is certainly not the time for Hatrick19911 to sleep easy.

Saturday 22nd April saw the first of Daniel Negreanu's highlight shows as the Team Pro reviewed the 20 most exciting hands from the first week of All Stars on the PokerStars Twitch channel after he overcame some minor technical difficulties... i.e. not plugging in his microphone!

Catch a replay of the stream of here.

Both Daniel and the Twitch chat were amazed and entertained as they tried to put themselves in the shoes of the All Stars to deconstruct the logic that allowed them to make huge bets and brave calls time after time. Look out for Daniel's next stream this Saturday at 9PM GMT (note: this could be changed or pre-empted if Daniel makes a big final table in Monte Carlo...so stay tuned).

Other top performers so far are ac1dd and Stambolov who currently sit in 3rd and 4th and would be in place to scoop up $10,000 and $7,500 in cash respectively were the competition to end today. However, with two more weeks of furious action to come, they will all have their eyes on the top prize of $20,000... and of course the honour of calling themselves the inaugural All Stars Champion!

Dan Price is the PokerStars Ring Games Manager

Dan Price
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