Hatrick19911 tops All Stars Challenge

The All Stars Challenge has reached its conclusion, and Hatrick19911 is our champion. The Ukrainian player held the lead since around the midway point and finished with $25,453 in profit. He will also take home the $20,000 first prize... not a bad return for the 4,686 hands he played during the challenge!

"We created the All Stars to highlight our best players, promote the skill aspect of poker, and to show these exciting high stakes battles to the wider poker community," said Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations. "The first goal of offering a new challenge to our best cash game players has certainly been achieved, and their participation has exceeded our expectations. We will now listen to the suggestions of the All Stars on how we could make the challenge even more exciting and will then decide if a Season 2 is the right way to both keep the interest of the players and achieve our second goal of emphasizing the skill of poker among the wider community."


While Hatrick199911 took the top spot, it wasn't easy. Cash game grinder ac1dd pushed Hatrick199911 all the way, eventually having to settle for second with $24,000 in profit as well as an additional $13,500 second place prize for his troubles. Also on the podium with $11,044 in profit is OtB_RedBaron - the player many had expected to take the title.

In the volume Leader Board, early overall leader SinKarma took first place with an impressive 14,422 hands though an unfortunate downswing which he documented in his vlog ultimately took him out of the main leader board prize positions. We sat down with the Spanish All Star to speak about his experience during the challenge:

PokerStars: How did you find the All Stars Challenge and what did you enjoy most?

SinKarma: I think this competition was an amazing idea from PokerStars and I really hope to see a second season! I enjoyed playing against the strongest players since I love to test myself and this challenge certainly provided that experience.

PokerStars: Your vlog was very entertaining to follow. Did it help keep you motivated?

SinKarma: I wanted to produce good content for the audience, and I recognize that without them I probably wouldn't have won the Volume Leader Board. I did my best to start games against everyone, and at times it was difficult because I wanted to play more than anyone else! I think I could have played 40-50,000 hands if the other players had wanted to.

When All Stars was announced, I decided that I was going to do as much as I could to promote it because I believe that we need more of these competitions which highlight the skill aspect of poker.

PokerStars: Who were the toughest opponents and what made them so tough?

SinKarma: They were all top players, and trying to find an edge at the All Stars tables is much harder than in the regular games. All of the All Stars are aggressive, but they also have a strong sense of control. Sometimes the play can look crazy, but there are a lot of hours of studying and thinking behind each move.

For me the toughest opponents were Otb_RedBaron, Ac1dd, and Hatrick19911. They are all very good at making difficult calls, especially Otb_RedBaron. Anyway, I will build a stronger strategy than him as soon as I can

Look out for Daniel Negreanu's All Stars Wrap Up tonight at 9pm BST on PokerStars Twitch where he will review and discuss the biggest hands from the final week of action. See if you agree with his analysis!

Dan Price is the PokerStars Ring Games Manager

Dan Price
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