How does the "(insert your name) Open" sound?

It was the tournament inspired by the work of Team Online's Lex Veldhuis, who last year reached the final table three times within a week.

In light of that, we named this $11 buy-in, $5,000 guaranteed prize pool contest "The Open", but with a proviso that the name would change every time someone reached the final table twice within a week.

Back then we said back then that we hoped the name would change soon, and often.

Well, it did.


Far more than we'd anticipated. The name we expected to change every couple of months required an almost weekly amendment. If someone reaches the final table twice within a week the name changed to theirs, and for as long as it takes someone else to get their name on it.

Since then we've seen 34 winners have their name in the PokerStars tournament lobby.

The longest reign belonged to tigredefu297, who remained unmoved from 16 March to Friday 21 April earlier this year, a total of 36 days.

The shortest reign was Stragerpoker who was king for less than a day late last month, which as our tournament team astutely pointed out "puts him between Sultan Sayyid Khalid bin Barghash of Zanzibar, and Emperor Michael I Megas Komnenos of Trebizond, for 'shortest reigning monarchs'."

The challenge remains though. If you can reach the final table twice within a week we'll name the tournament after you. The Open will become "The (whatever your name is) Open". Not bad for an $11 buy-in, with $5,000 in the prize pool.

Be warned though, there are usually 500-plus runners each time. This is no easy task, as these players found out the hard way...

Current Champion: julioc51...i

Previous winners:

Stragerpoker (Tuesday 26 August to Wednesday 27 August = 1 day)
liamkid (Tuesday 15 August to Tuesday 26 August = 11 days)
SiladuS (Thursday 3 August to Tuesday 15 August = 12 days)
Hipowrock (Sunday 9 July to Thursday 3 August = 25 days)
Kano A92 (Friday 7 July to Sunday 9 July = 2 days)
nelikaksnull (Tuesday 4 July to Friday 7 July = 3 days)
Pufox (Thursday 29 June to Tuesday 4 July = 5 days)
wenow (Thursday 22 June to Thursday 29 June = 7 days)
Viz_sega88 (Wednesday 14 June to Thursday 22 June = 8 days)
Gasparns1 (Wednesday 7 June to Wednesday 14 June = 7 days)
gsr1703 (Friday 2 June to Wednesday 7 June = 5 days)
airka777 (Friday 26 May to Friday 2 June = 7 days)
Shunzao (Thursday 18 May to Friday 26 May = 8 days)
cuco.sebas (Sunday 30 April to Thursday 18 May = 18 days)
rony's123 (Thursday 27 April to Sunday 30 April = 3 days)
Prince Pablo (Friday 21 April to Thursday 27 April = 6 days)
tigredefu297 (Thursday 16 March to Friday 21 April = 36 days)
77TheMayor77 (Saturday 11 March to Thursday 16 March = 5 days)
Marcosv61 (Tuesday 7 March to Saturday 11 March = 4 days)
Herbettigre (Thursday 9 February to Tuesday 7 March = 26 days)
dantegoyaF (Friday 20 January to Thursday 9 February = 19 days)
Salvez RJ (Tuesday 17 January to Friday 20 January = 3 days)
Woxix (Thursday 5 January to Tuesday 17 January = 12 days)
BABRUEN (Thursday 28 December to Thursday 5 January = 8 days)
Mr.Pedr0 (Thursday December 15 to Thursday 29 December = 14 days)
Bobfraga (Saturday November 19 to Thursday December 15 = 26 days)
JP_Braga81 (Saturday November 12 to Saturday November 19 = 7 days)
Snurkel1 (Wednesday November 2 to Saturday November 12 = 10 days)
TiborHegedus (Friday October 21 to Wednesday November 2 = 13 days)
Agent Bear (Thursday October 13 to Friday October 21 = 9 days)
RonanAndreu (Saturday September 24 to Thursday October 13 = 20 days)
LaurensINC (Wednesday September 14 to Saturday September 24 = 10 days)
Bookmaker_85 (Friday September 9 to Wednesday September 14 = 6 Days)

To keep tabs on list of winners, check out this page from time to time.

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