Introducing PokerStars Winning Moments Videos

Online tournament poker is a game where emotions run high. There are few things more exciting than running deep while sweating each turn of a card. The poker gods can bless you with glory or smash your hopes and dreams into pieces. We who love this game have all been there, grinning as we flop the nuts in a 4-bet pot, cringing in anticipation as the turn gives our opponent an unlikely out, and intensely staring at the board as the river is about to drop in that crucial final table coin flip.

Once it's all said and done, there is no feeling of completeness quite like running deep in a tournament and hitting a big score. The high can last for weeks!

Thousands of these high-intensity winning moments happen daily on PokerStars, and now, players will have something tangible to commemorate their victory - and share them with the World! Initially, this will start with the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) NLHE events. A selection of winners and final table finishers will receive a personalised PokerStars Winning Moments Video congratulating them on their incredible performance. The video will replay a few of the most exciting hands in their tournament journey with exclusive commentary by renowned PokerStars commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton. The footage is a perfect way to secure memories of that defining winning moment of a player's poker career that can be shared with friends, family and envious strangers on social media.

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Enough talk! Here is an example of the video from Team Online Pro Jaime Staples highlighting his recent victory in the Hot $33 tournament on June 18.

The process is automated using state-of-the-art video generation technology developed by Treepodia. A series of complex algorithms and logic trees automatically pick the most significant hands and illustrate the momentous moments of the tournament. Shortly after a player's big win an email will be sent providing a link to their PokerStars Winning Moments Video.

PokerStars Winning Moments Videos - Your Result_29Aug17.pngA glimpse at what your winning moment might include

Initially, these videos will be created exclusively for players who make a final table in a NLHE WCOOP event; then this will be expanded to all NLHE tournaments for those who cash x100 their buy-in. These videos will only be narrated in English.

As we trial this new innovation for WCOOP, please bear in mind that poker is a complex and intricate game and commentary errors might still surface. This is where we need our players to make the system better! If you receive a video and notice anything wrong with it, or would have picked different hands yourself, use the "Report issues" link to send us your thoughts. We'll work hard to fix issues and improve the quality over time.

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May the poker gods be with you for WCOOP and bless you with a strong finish, loads of cash and your first personalised video to remember the fun by!

Manuel Bevand is Creative Manager, Poker Innovation.

Manuel Bevand
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