Jeff Gross on quads and that Phelps call: "The timing was amazing"

We can't all call up Olympic champions on Facetime, so if you happen to have one you may as well do so from time to time.

That would be one interpretation of the appearance of Olympic champion (and "GOAT") Michael Phelps in a hand streamed by Team Pro Jeff Gross this week, which featured aces beating kings, and making quads on the river.

You can read about that and see video of that moment, complete with a smiling Phelps on a phone screen, here.

jeff_gross_quads_29nov17.jpgThe aces, the kings, the quads

It's a fun moment, not least for the universal sense of "Go please hold" experience by amateur and pro alike. But there was more to it, as Gross himself explains below.

Here's Jeff's take.

"Michael and I were roommates for six years and have known each other since 2006! Mike enjoys poker and we had been texting earlier in the day.

"The timing was amazing as he called me on FaceTime as we got Aces and got Action all in! Not only did we hold but we coolered our opponent who had Kings; got the knockout ($215 Bounty Builder) & would go on to Final Table this tournament.

Michael-Phelps_pca_29nov17.jpgMichael Phelps at the PCA in 2013

"Even more ironic was our mutual friend Tony Showich was with him at the moment who was a part of the infamous moment on our twitch channel when we had Kings all-in pre-flop to T8o at a recent WCOOP Final Table where we got drawn out in dramatic fashion (twitch clip and Instagram video of that). Both Phelps and Tshow have "emotes" on our Twitch channel (Phelps with the Gold medal and Tshow the black cloud!) Tshow May Be upgraded to "Grey cloud" now."

Watch the video of the quads hand here.

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