Live on Twitch: The Sunday Million winner, TheFan83

If you're going to make a plan, you might as well make a big one. For example, consider what the guy known as TheFan83 decided.

He had a bankroll of $30,000. He wanted to run it up to $3 million, the amount it would take to consider himself a success.

"I would've made more than that as a computer engineer," he said.

TheFan83 started playing poker in 2006 and quickly went pro. Eventually, he decided he wanted something more, in his word, "real" in his life. So he took an extended break and spent five years studying and working in the computer world.

Then he decided he wanted tot take another run at poker. He fired up a Twitch stream and started shooting for that $3 million goal.

"I'm trying to build my bankroll back up and get back to being a poker pro," he said.


On Sunday morning, he had a little over $30,000. It had been a struggle to pull out $4,000 each month to cover his life expenses. When he started the Sunday grind, he had no expectation he was going to be significantly closer to his goal before he went to bed.

"Tournaments like the Sunday Million, you can play for ten years--as I did--and not win it. You're not even likely to win it in ten years. It's really special," he said.

Then, on Sunday, he won on Twitch.

As it happens, TheFan83 (known as Jan to his friends) is also buddies with Team PokerStars Pro Online's Felix Scheniders.

So, this week, Felix pulled Jan onto his stream and had an in-depth discussion on what happened Sunday and everything that led up to it.

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If you'd like a little insight into what it takes to grind as a pro and finally hit the Sunday Million, it's a really interesting conversation.

You can watch that here. Enjoy.

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