Monaco, MonteDam and MEGASTACKS make up the Weekend Warm-Up

A few things to get stuck into this coming weekend.

Next up: Monaco

After stopping in Macau for the first time earlier this month the PokerStars Championship returns to the more familiar streets of Monaco next week. It's been a near permanent fixture for PokerStars combining the odd flash of opulence with high stakes poker at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Casino.

PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo_21Apr17.jpg

The PokerStars Championship Presented by Monte-Carlo Casino® (to use its full name) starts on Thursday. You still have a chance to qualify for the Main Event via the Monte Carlo Sat Qualifier at PokerStars this Sunday at 14:05 ET. There are ten full packages worth €8,500 each up for grabs. That'll be good for some sunshine, as well as a schedule of 71 tournaments. We'll also be on hand with live updates from the tournament room.

For more information, go to the PokerStars Championship homepage.

It's in capital letters: MEGASTACK must be good

There are PokerStars Championships; there are PokerStars Festivals, but what is there for the recreational player, perhaps not interested, or ready (yet), for poker's biggest stages? Well there's PokerStars MEGASTACK.

It was would wrong to call these small events, on the basis that they attract hundreds of players. And while they may have small buy-ins, players get the big stack experience, with a great structure from the start.

PokerStars Megastack_21Apr17.jpgThe Hippodrome

What's more, having started at The Hippodrome in London, MEGASTACK events are now heading for Europe, with events planned in various places, all of which you can read about here.

Poker In The Ears

The Poker In The Ears podcast is back and features an interview with PokerStars Championship Macau winner Elliot Smith. Here's how the team put it...

"James, Joe and Matt are back from their Easter break, and kick off the podcast with a few of your tweets, before launching into their #PSCMacau recap (just because they didn't go to Macau doesn't mean the boys are ignoring the event). They're joined by Elliot Smith, who took down the PokerStars Championship Main Event, after an epic, TEN-HOUR heads-up battle!

"James, Joe and Matt also review the new Netflix movie 'Win It All', and reach the conclusion that they might be the only people in the poker community who actually like it (please feel free to share your thoughts: #PokerInTheEars). Finally, Luke Payne is tested on his knowledge of the original 'RoboCop' as he competes for a $27 ticket and an 'Everyone Loves a Chop Pot' hoodie in 'Superfan vs Stapes'.

Click here to listen to the latest episode.

The PokerStars All Stars

If you haven't heard, some of the best online cash game players are facing off against each other in what we're calling the PokerStars All Stars.

It's an invitation only contest highlighting some of the immense skills required at the highest levels. For the players, it means the chance to win some serious money (off each other as well as in prize money) but for the rest of us it's highly entertaining.


The PokerStars All Stars homepage has information about who is leading this month long event, with leader boards and the associated numbers. But as we wrote about this week, some of the payers themselves are providing insight on social media, which makes this post worth reading.

this post worth reading

How about a MonteDam Swing?

I know what you're thinking. Monte what? Well, let me explain.

While PokerStars and the World Poker Tour have always worked together behind the scenes to avoid scheduling conflicts, the MonteDam is a more organised collaboration across two events - the PokerStars Championship in MONTE Carlo, and the World Poker Tour in AmsterDAM (I accept you might have worked out the combination yourself), with prizes on offer to players who contest each.


It's a unique and exciting new project, and well worth reading about - which you can do here.

That's it for another week on PokerStars. Send your comments to us on Twitter:
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