New PokerStars Festivals mean new opportunities for players

This week PokerStars announced details of the upcoming PokerStars Championships and Festivals for 2017. Our priority of course is thinking ahead to how best to report on these events, and the logistics of carrying out that job. That's the official answer at least. Off the record it's more about looking ahead to places we've never been before.

And if you're a player you might be thinking the exact same thing, looking the list below like we do thinking: "hey, I've never been there before, how do I get that gig?"


Take a look at the destinations announced so far.


Some destinations will be familiar, others brand new.

Incheon in South Korea has only ever held Asia-specific events, and the same applies to Manila in the Philippines. Meanwhile Chile and Uruguay will also have their first taste of PokerStars Festival action later in the year.

While we in the office arm wrestle for first dibs, players now have plenty of opportunity to book a seat at any or all of these events. The best way is to qualify online.

How to win your seat

If you've just started playing poker, or if you're new to PokerStars, the satellite system is a great way of playing these events for just a few cents or dollars. Even the ones on the other side of the world, you ask? Yes, especially those.

Admittedly we let you do the hard work - actually finishing well enough in a satellite to earn a package- but we then take care of everything else.

Win your seat to any of these events in a satellite and we'll pick up the bill. That means your main event buy-in paid for, but also your flights to and from the destination, as well as luxury accommodation and spending money. You can also bring a guest.

Win your seat to any PokerStars Championship or Festival via a PokerStars satellite. To take part you'll need a PokerStars account, which takes only a few minutes to set up. Click here to get started.

And with plenty of side events to suit all bank rolls early elimination from the Main Event is by no means the end of the trip. You could still find yourself flying home with silverware, whether it's for the Main Event or the $200 Turbo.

You can get started now by looking up the available satellites in the PokerStars tournament lobby. They start from a buy in as little as, well, very little, and run almost until the start of the event. You concentrate on winning your seat, we'll take care of the rest--including the behind-the-scenes arm wrestling to decide which of us will see you when you get there.

The latest announcement about upcoming events was made yesterday, which you can read here. You can also get details of upcoming events on the PokerStars Live homepage.

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