'noTeorem' scoops school Jackpot tournament

Every now and then it's nice to freeroll your way to a few extra dollars. For PokerSchoolOnline members that happens more often than you think, thanks to the Scratch and Match Progressive Jackpot game.

Each time the jackpot (now standing at nearly $13,000) is won, 25% of the total goes to the winner. The last winner of the jackpot was 'ursu1anr' who bagged $4,523.44, which is pretty cool considering that the game is completely free to play at PokerSchoolOnline. Another 25% of the winning jackpot is added to a Jackpot Freebuy tournament, and the most recent one was held at the weekend. The winner was 'noTeorem', who added $653.08 to his poker bankroll.

The final table payouts were as follows:

1. 'noTeorem' - $653.08

2. 'PSlo0' - $474.96

3. 'Sertemon' - $336.77

4. 'pablo_buty' - $226.17

5. 'davidrap18'- $180.93

6. 'CasusED' - $135.70

7. 'dalv2014' - $90.46

8. 'LujLajto' - $49.75

9. 'buendivaguep' - $31.66

The Scratch and Match Progressive Jackpot game is free and easy to play. Simply reveal all three Jackpot symbols to unlock the Jackpot. The Jackpot prize is broken down as below

• 25% is awarded to the Winner

• 25% is added to the Jackpot Freebuy Tournament

• 50% remains towards the next Jackpot.

As soon as the next Jackpot is hit, 10,000 Jackpot Freebuy tickets will be added to Scratch and Match game, so 10,000 lucky players will be eligible to play the Freebuy. So don't delay, try it out for yourself at PokerSchoolOnline today!

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