It's SinKarma leading after week 1 of PokerStars All Stars

The All Stars Home Game launched a week ago with 72 of the world's strongest cash game players registering to play. It took the favourite OtB_RedBaron just one day to take the lead, booking a $4,937 win in a single 373 hand session.

Two days into the competition and things began to heat up as OhHeyCindy hit the tables for 1,200 hands and leapt into first place with $7,776 in winnings (OtB_RedBaron sat out the day, slipping to 5th place).


Among the other top performers were OBORRA and LLinusLLove, who went into second and third place respectively. That result came after they came out best after what would best be described as a fierce multi-tabling session with the likes of takechip and SDMaxOn.

This past Easter weekend brought out the best in the All Stars. Canadian player SinKarma leads the pack after grinding out 4,860 hands to notch up a $14,237 profit.

The Spaniard has vlogged their way to the lead of the All Stars challenge, with videos and cards up streaming on his Twitter feed too...

He's not the only one recording his All Star adventures. Limitless is doing the same, this time on Facebook, allowing views to follow his progress in the short videos he's posting, giving his thoughts on each day's action.


Rounding off the Top 3 are Hatrick19911 and Go0se.core! (whose you can read more about in our post from last week) with $11,384 and $9,339 in profits respectively. That said, these are still the early stages and it will take a true All Star to hold on to those spots until the contest ends on May 10th.

A total of ten All Stars have now played more than a thousand hands and the action looks set to continue. Other top players, including MMAsherdog and Iimitless are still in the hunt for the $20,000 top prize.

Meanwhile if you're looking to keep tabs on the progress of players during the course of the competition, look no further than the PokerStars All Stars homepage, which is updated each day to reflect the latest results as well as the Leader board standings. For more on all of that, click here.

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