Poker tips for babies


With the action in Vegas heating up, I'm sure you're wondering, how do I get ready for the WSOP Main coming up in just 246 months?

Some baby tips:

HUForTOyz: Don't Risk More than 10% of your toys on any transaction. Since you are young and have all your basic needs taken care of, you can be MUCH more aggressive with your BRM.

Disguise: Babies are not good at hiding emotions. Get ahead of the curve with the right gear.

Don't Tap the LuckBox: If it weren't for Elmos running into Big Birds, you'd win every tournament.

Download NapShove: Six months, 4 PM, NapFold.

Work Your Emotions: You are constantly laughing and crying at the same time, baffling first time parents like me. Work this skill at the poker table - when you can't hide, confuse. I found myself "craughing" when I saw the replay of this three-bet pot in the NJSCOOP Main final table:


While I was right to fold this time when he jammed the 3 river, I thought about the line. (cbet flop, check call turn, check fold river). I asked Fabian about this hand, and he said just nap reshove the 35 big blinds pre.


In Ocean City, NJ for NJSCOOP

Time is Milk: Fabian was five months old when I regged for my first WSOP event this year, the 10K tag team with Ben Yu. As the cashier counted out our 100 100 dollar bills, milk started to drip through my only black dress that still fit. Ben tagged in and I raced back to my hotel room to pump, avoiding a more severe wardrobe malfunction.

Poker players lately are questioning pure strategies in favor of mixing it up, by supplementing breast milk with formula. These were my first few nights away from Fabi. I realized I needed to study up even more on those mixed strategies for my next trip out to Vegas, for the Main Event.

When I caught a redeye home and saw my son for the first time in 72 hours, my heart, and a few days worth of milk, flew out of my chest.

Time is now measured not only in money, but also in milk and hugs. And Fabian reminds me that good poker is meant to enhance life, not replace it.

Jennifer Shahade is a new mother and the PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador

Jennifer Shahade
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