PokerStars and BetStars team up to boost your bankroll this weekend

Special tournament this Sunday will award free BetStars bets and a poker holiday

One day we'll track down the small dark office, illuminated by a single lightbulb and hidden away somewhere in PokerStars HQ where promotional ideas are dreamed up, but for now we'll just have to admire their work once more, and assume someone is feeding them.

Today they've emerged from behind their locked door with the blueprint of another one, this one slightly different in that they have teamed up with another dark office hidden away somewhere in which work the people who think up BetStars promotions. They could be the same people, or completely different ones. We simply do not know.

PokerStars Festival_15Jun17.jpg

Regardless, if you're in the UK, Ireland or the Channel Islands, this one might apply to you*. It's called The Big Race and it's a special promotion between PokerStars and BetStars aimed at boosting your bankroll. Think of it as a TV crossover episode, like when the Power Rangers teamed up to fight crime with the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It gives players a winning combination of sports betting and poker in a fun-themed $2 online tournament this Sunday, June 18, at 15:00 BST. The plan is to celebrate the Ascot racing festival, which takes place next week from June 20 to 24.

Up for grabs is a chance to add a few dollars to your bank roll, but also a chance to win a poker holiday to Dublin, Lille or Bucharest. Not bad for two bucks.

festival-bucharest_16Jun17.jpgPokerStars Festival Bucharest is one option available to the winner

Getting involved couldn't be easier. Just look for The Big Race on the PokerStars client under the events tab.
There are plenty of other prizes too.

Tournament prizes include free BetStars bets and the added bonus of ensuring you can make a call on some of the summer's sporting highlights. That includes tennis at Queens and Wimbledon, as well as the US Open, but also Formula 1 racing, international cricket test matches; and the start of the Premier League in August - not to mention that PokerStars Festival to which you can win a package worth at least $2,000.

But remember those people in white coats, working around the clock to come up with these ideas? Well they like to make it interesting.

As with all great sporting stories, the path to victory has some twists and turns. The top finishing players in The Big Race poker tournament will be randomly allocated a horse running in the Gold Cup on Thursday June 22. The first four horses past the finishing post will award the player that drew them with poker and sports bet prizes as follows:

First place: A PokerStars Festival package to Dublin, Lille or Bucharest worth at least $2,000

Second: A free $100 BetStars bet

Third: A free $50 BetStars bet

Fourth: A free $25 BetStars bet

There's plenty of value to go round though, as all players who cash in The Big Race tournament will be awarded a free $5 BetStars bet.

To register for the tournament, search 'The Big Race' on the PokerStars app, or find the tournament under the 'Events' section of the desktop client. Markets on Royal Ascot races will be available at BetStars.

That's it. At least until the next promotion emerges from behind that locked door.

* Please note that this promotion is only available to player in the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands.

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