PokerStars Casino makes three millionaires in one month

It's not just poker that turns people into millionaires on PokerStars. This month gave a good demonstration of how PokerStars Casino often does the same.

PokerStars Casino's exclusive million dollar slot game, Millionaires Island, has struck twice in 27 days, paying out over $2.9 million to two university students. Two days later a Russian player won $1.3 million on Genie Jackpots, which we'd say counts as more than three wishes.

So who were those winners?

Economics student pkr_rager, from Finland, swapped his usual game of online for some online slots, and pocketed a massive $1,410,720.04 playing Millionaires Island. Given that this was only his second time using his PokerStars Casino account he had to check a couple of times to convince himself the seven figure balance in his account was really his. Finally persuaded, he started calling people.

Millionaires Island Logo_10Mar17.jpg

"Everyone was shocked, first they thought I was joking, then that it can't be real, that there is some mistake, and finally everyone told me to chill..."

Then there was LuisCancelaU from Uruguay who did pretty much the same. He turned $1 into $1,517,303 playing the same Millionaires Island game, in late January, a story we featured on the blog, and which you can read here.

Millionaires Island Screen Shot 3_10Mar17.jpg

Just 29 days after the first million dollar win of 2017, Russian player Denis N777 saw $1,368,281.28 in his account, after winning the Genie Jackpots slot game, and presenting every opportunity to talk about magic lamps, flying carpets, and three wishes (see above).

There was more to come at the end of last month. That was when Prinzess666 was playing on slot game Super Diamond Deluxe before heading to a carnival, when she hit the jackpot for $282,050.02.

"Suddenly every roll turned green, lights and music blasting, I asked myself what is going on and then I read "You have won a Jackpot"', said the German player. "I read again: 28$, 280$, 2,800$, 28,000$, 280,000$. My heart rate jumped to 180 and I could only scream "Treasure, treaaaasure, treaaaaaaasure come here!"

After calming down she explained to PokerStars how she planned to use her winnings to show appreciation to her loved ones.

"This year wasn't going too well for me," she told PokerStars. "My family was the thing that made me the happiest ...I would like to make a couple of family dreams come true."

Maybe there's something to be said for that genie after all.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in PokerStars news