PokerStars MEGASTACK expands into Spain and Portugal

PokerStars launches its low buy-in tournament series in Valencia, Estoril and Madrid

The popular MEGASTACK live poker tournament series aimed at recreational players is heading to the Iberia peninsula, with tournament stops confirmed in Valencia, Estoril and Madrid.

The low buy-in poker tournaments have been attracting local players across Europe since the series first launched in the UK in The Hippodrome Casino in April. MEGASTACK events have followed in Ireland, Belgium and France, with plans for a debut in New Jersey this October.


These events in Spain and Portugal are the latest stops to offer "cheap and deep" tournaments, with 50,000 chips for a €170 buy-in. They're also scheduled to fit around the players' timetable, taking place over the weekend. It's quite a feeling returning to work on Monday morning with a coveted PokerStars trophy, not to mention the prize money from one of the €40,000 guaranteed PokerStars MEGASTACK Iberia events.

"We are really excited to be bringing the fun and affordable MEGASTACK series to people who want to experience live poker action across Spain and Portugal," said Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo. "MEGASTACK may only be a small tournament series, but we don't want that to stop players' imaginations from running wild. Practice makes perfect after all and getting experienced with live tournaments will help set players up for becoming PokerStars Festival or Championship title holders."

PokerStars MEGASTACK events is the perfect opportunity for players to get comfortable at the tables and hone their skills without breaking the bank. The series is designed to introduce players to live poker, at a low buy-in level. That makes it the perfect platform on which to build a poker career - a springboard for PokerStars Championship and PokerStars Festival events.

Not only that but you can qualify for these events in the usual way on, for as little as €6.

Here are the dates you need:

PokerStars MEGASTACK Valencia, September 13-17, €170, €40,000 Guaranteed
PokerStars MEGASTACK Estoril, October 4-8, €170, €40,000 Guaranteed
PokerStars MEGASTACK Madrid, December 7-10, €170, €40,000 Guaranteed

More information check out the PokerStars MEGASTACK homepage.

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