PokerStars MEGASTACK: A brand new tournament series for grassroots players

It's great to read about the big buy-in events, to follow coverage and watch as a winner collects a six figure payday and a place in poker's history books. But to the recreational player it can sometimes feel detached from their home game, or local rebuy.

So while we highlighted some of the big events coming up this month, we're also glad to concentrate on the other end of the poker spectrum, with a series of smaller grassroots tournaments aimed at recreational players looking not only for a great live poker experience, but that first step up in their poker career towards PokerStars Championships and Festivals.

Known as PokerStars MEGASTACK, the first of these series start at The Hippodrome Casino next month, arguably the best place to play poker anywhere in London, and which has hosted multiple PokerStars events in the past, including the recent London Festival.


Here's how the new MEGASTACK events work.

For a buy in of £170 you'll start with 50,000 chips. There are also three opening flights with one re-entry available for each of them, so plenty of time and chips to enjoy the action.

Then there's the structure.

We know it's not always easy to find the time to play live tournaments, with one eye on your straight draw and the other on the clock as you try to work out if you can make it to work on 45 minutes sleep. That's why MEGASTACK events are designed to fit your schedule rather than that of your boss, taking place from Friday to Sunday, leaving you all the time you need to enjoy the game.

While the buy-in is affordable, and the structure suited to those looking to get value for money, you'll also be playing in the confines of London's premier poker destination. You might not be able to play football at Wembley, or Rugby on the turf at Twickenham, but you can play in poker's equivalent, enjoying the same surroundings as the high rollers for a small taste of what it's like to compete in one of poker's most prestigious arenas.

MEGASTACK is a great opportunity to start small and think big. And if the buy-in is still at the upper end of your bank roll, you can take advantage of the numerous satellites for the MEGASTACK events on PokerStars, details of which you'll find in the PokerStars lobby.


London is just the start, with more events across the UK and some of Europe's favourite destinations planned in the coming months. Be sure to take note of The Hippodrome Casino's dates listed below.

• April 7th - 9th
• May 5th - 7th
• June 30th - July 2nd
• September 22nd - 24th
• October 20th - 22nd

Click here for more details about PokerStars MEGASTACK events.

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