PokerStars returns to TV screens this week

PokerStars is making its long overdue return to UK television screens this week, with the PokerStars Championship featuring on Channel 4.

It's been a quiet year for PokerStars in terms of broadcasting, but the familiar coverage of PokerStars' most prestigious competition starts with events in Monte Carlo from earlier this year.

As usual the very best in the game are pitted against each other in the magnificent Salles des Etoiles at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort on the shores of the Mediterranean. The likes of Daniel Negreanu and Patrick Antonius feature in Episode 1, with the field competing for a €3.6 million prize pool.

daniel_negreanu_monaco_24oct17.jpgTeam Pro Daniel Negreanu features in coverage from Monte Carlo

Viewers in the UK can watch the action on Channel 4 at the new slot of Wednesday night/Thursday morning (technically 12.35am on Thursday). You can get a brief rundown of what's in store for Episode 1 here.

The series then continues at the same time every week, so be sure to press whatever button it is that ensures you don't miss an episode. Then, let us know what you think.

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