Top 5 poker mistakes (caught on camera)

The rarest breed of poker player is the type that has never made a mistake, although statistically they're more likely to be known as liars. We've all made them, even after years of experience as keen amateurs or even as professionals. The best you can hope for is that when they happen they do so as discreetly as possible, and specifically not on television, in front of millions of viewers with access to a rewind button and social media.

That's the fate of five players featured on our latest Top 5 video of huge mistakes. Not for these folks the option of quiet embarrassment. Instead they get weapons grade humiliation.

Ivey_Reaction_23Feb17.jpgWhat exactly is Phil Ivey reacting to? Find out in the video below

So check out our Top 5 huge mistakes from the PokerStars archive in the video below. They should serve as an important warning as to how things can go badly wrong. It's err... just coincidence that they're also hugely entertaining.

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