A PokerStars Winning Moment (with a World Champion)

"Hi Pokerstars, my name is Florian and I won the WCOOP-54-L :)"

WCOOP 2017 has now finished, wrapped up with Steven van Zadelhoff's win in the Main Event late on Tuesday.

It's a chance to look back on those stories and pick out a few more, including that of Florian, known as "38bf46" online, who won WCOOP 54-L, all thanks to a second chance freeroll.

Second chance freerolls were open to anyone who busted any WCOOP event without cashing. Crashing out before the money earned you a freeroll ticket useable the next day to enter a $7,500 freeroll that paid out WCOOP tickets as prizes.


So when Florian busted he figured he'd play the freeroll and see what happened. Well, what happened is that he won a WCOOP-L title worth $7,628 and a small piece of WCOOP history.

"I won a 11$-ticket in the second-chance-freeroll and I took my chance to play another WCOOP-event. So I registered and 8 hours later I was first in chips in day 1. Day 2 started and again seven hours later I was in the heads-up for the title of a world champion."

You might say that not all WCOOP events are created equal, and you might well be right. But they do carry the same prestige - that of WCOOP champion, a point not lost on one of the Championship's most enthusiastic winners.

"I was "super-hyped" to win this title. The final hand (22 vs. AKs) came and i really won the WCOOP."

And who said It was about the money?

"In general I like winning a Poker-tournament on PokerStars because of the money" said Florian, adding a smiley. "But if you are in a WCOOP and heads-up, money is secondary, it's all about the title."


Congratulations to Florian on his Winning Moment. We'll let him have the last word.

"Thank you PokerStars - your WCOOP-champion 38bf46"

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