Power Up hits UK with more to come

Perhaps you have heard about it. If you were in the right place, you may have even had a chance to play it. Now, PokerStars' newest innovation is about to go primetime.

This week in Barcelona, the PokerStars people behind Power Up gave some folks a look under the hood to see how Power Up works. It's poker...but it's poker with a whole bunch of new elements thrown in to create new strategies, an immersive experience, and some crazy action. This link explains it all.

And if you don't feel like reading...well, here, let the guy behind it all explain.

In there, you hear from Severin Rasset. A few weeks back, he wrote this blog post in which he touted the early success of the alpha testing.

Rasset wrote, "We had more than 150,000 games played by more than 90,000 unique players. I never cease to be astonished by the passion of our players, eager to discover a new game, already starting to strategize their play, master the tactics and help us to make it an even better product."

Now, after fine-tuning the Power Up engine, PokerStars is set to release it back into the wild, this time in the United Kingdom. After burning off a little rubber there, PokerStars is hoping to release Power Up for real money later this year.


So, if you live in the UK and want to give Power Up a test drive, keep an eye out for it in your PokerStars lobby. And the rest of you, get ready, because it's coming.

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