Sunday Million: SPEWTARD takes the title for $155k victory

Deception is among the most important traits of the trained poker player. And in an online game where getting a read on your opponent can be tricky - what better way to convince the opposition that you're nothing more than a mega-fish than by choosing a cunningly disguised screen-name?

With the name 'SPEWTARD' many thought they could get away with bluffing the Peruvian, or waiting for him to punt off his stack. But Ewald 'SPEWTARD' Olivera proved to be a tougher fish to fry. In fact, he turned out to not be a fish at all, after taking this week's Sunday Million title and claiming $155,588.58 for his efforts. His victory came after 13 epic hours of play, following a 3-way deal with leopol6d1988 ($89,401) from Russian and antispeed ($106,002) from the Lebanon.


Of the 5,392 hopefuls to start the tournament, 889 would go on to share a chunk of the $1,078,400 prize-pool. And while there are some tournament titles that are much sought-after (think: 'best bluff', 'winner of sickest bad-beat', 'scooper of biggest pot'), there's no title more dreaded than that of 'bubble boy'. This week it fell on the unfortunate Canadian, deucebizzle who was eliminated in 900th place.

With the remaining 889 locking up at least $379.27 for their efforts, it took five and a half hours of additional play to whittle the field down to the final nine. Notable names among the oh-so-close featured the likes of 2016 SCOOP-05 $700 NL Hold'em 2016 winner 'imluckbox' who hit the rail in 14th for $4,075.70. Team Pro André Akkari also scraped his way into the cash ($520) before busting in 424nd place - it was more than the likes of Venessa Selbst, Victor Ramdin and Fatima DeMelo could muster.

As we hit the remaining nine, players arrived at the final table with the following stacks:

Seat 1: leopol6d1988 (6,593,438 in chips)
Seat 2: WINNCapita (3,797,580 in chips)
Seat 3: SPEWTARD (7,995,972 in chips)
Seat 4: AMTTT (3,404,068 in chips) out of hand
Seat 5: bachelder (3,814,264 in chips)
Seat 6: marlin5555 (5,075,609 in chips)
Seat 7: guitey (5,800,995 in chips)
Seat 8: antispeed (12,213,336 in chips)
Seat 9: lordzefiro (5,224,738 in chips)

With 'gl's' all round, play began. And it wasn't all too long before we saw our first elimination.

After not the best of starts to his final table, it saw AMTTT shove his remaining short-stack (1,434,068) over the top of antspeed's early position open. But his luck didn't get any better. It was looking good when he flipped over A♠Q♥, to dominate antispeed's A♦4♦. But when the board ran 4♥6♥J♠3♣K♠, he hit the rail early.

Next to fall just a few hands later was the next short-stack, Stuart 'guiety' Guite. It was SPEWTARD who opened up the action which promopted a shove from guiety for his remaining 8 big-blinds with A♥K♦. Priced in to call, SPEWTARD called it off with Q♣T♥, and was lucky to hit a Q♦ on the turn to send guitey away with $12,294.73.

And then the bust-out's came in short succession. Online crusher marlin5555 was next to go in 7th following a blind-on-blind shove from bachelder. He was hoping it wouldn't be called with his 9♣3♥ holding. But it was called - and called quickly - by marlin5555 in the big-blind who woke up with A♠K♣. It wasn't to be for the unfortunate marlin555 however as the 9♥6♥5♥2♣Q♣ board sent him to the rail.

lordzefrio was next to depart in 6th after calling an effective all-in raise from bachelder on the button. His suited-connector 7♦6♦ pairing couldn't trump bachelder's K♦3♦, with King high proving to be good enough to scoop the lot. But bachelder's luck was short-lived. He shoved with 4♣4♥, which was dominated by SPEWTARD's 8♦8♣ just a few seats over, and was sent away in 5th for a cool $37,089.19.

Four handed and it was the turn of WINNCapita to be the next to depart. His 14 big-blind all-in was called by antispeed a few seats over. The Canadian's Q♠Q♥ was looking promising against antispeed's T♥T♣ but was unable to hold an unfortunate run-out of A♣J♣3♠K♣4♣ which saw antispeed hit a flush.

The tournament was the paused as players discussed a 3-way deal. And a deal was struck relatively quickly. With a dominating chiplead of 37,294,204 chips against antispeed's 11,267,840 and leopol6d1988's 5,357,965 chips respectively, SPEWTARD struck the better end of the deal with $20,000 left up top to play for.

blue chips_1May17.jpg

Eventually it was Lebanese-man antispeed who was next to part after a tusstle with leopol6d1988 which saw the chip stacks change, and antispeed short-stacked. His demise came after shoving with 3♣K♣ in the small-blind against leopol6d1988's big-blind. Leopol6d1988 snap-called it off with K♠Q♦ and the board ran clean for antispeed to take home $106,002.37 for his efforts.

The heads-up action only last a mere 18 hands before SPEWTARD was crowned the victor. The final hand saw a raise from SPEWTARD (on a whopping 48,572,725 chip stack) and a re-shove from leopol6d1988 (5,347,275 chips) which was called. SPEWTARD flipped over T♥A♥ and leopol6d1988 showed 3♥A♥. The board ran 8♠5♥8♥7♣Q♦ for SPEWTARD to claim the remaining $20,000 and a total of $155,588.58. Congratulations to him!

Sunday Million ($215 NL Hold'em) results (May 1, 2017)
Entries: 5,392
Prize pool: $1,078,400
Places paid: 889

1. SPEWTARD (Peru) $155,588.58*
2. leopol6d1988 (Russia) $89,401.38*
3. antispeed (Lebanon) $106,002.37*
4. WINNCapita (Finland) $53,509.87
5. bachelder (Canada) $37,089.19
6. lordzefrio (Columbia) $25,668.72
7. marlin5555 (Canada) $17,764.80
8. guitey (United Kingdom) $12,294.73
9. AMTTT (Russia) $8,509.00
* - denotes results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 for the winner

Dan Jones
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