Team Perkins in the Bahamas Pt. 1: Failures, triumphs, & trophies

Dan Jones is an amateur poker player from London who was most recently was featured in the PokerStars Blog audio feature The New Guy. As he mentioned here, he dipped into his girlfriend's bikini drawer to score a free trip to the Bahamas. Below, he begins to tell the story of what happened next.

It's day 4 into my trip to the Bahamas as a winner of Bill Perkins' PSC package give-away, and I find myself wondering whether things could possibly get any more bizarre. If winning this trip by wearing my girlfriends bikini in the bath wasn't already ridiculous enough, the things that have happened since I've been here have led me to question whether I'm stuck in some sort of Inception-style dream.

Nine time PGA Tour golf champion Sergio Garcia then pulls up a seat next to me at my table.

Oh no... it's getting weirder.


On a table with Sergio Garcia

Sergio acknowledges me and the odd look on my face with a nod of the head. I nod back and am about to ask how he did in the main event. Before I get the chance to speak however, my train of thought is interrupted by the sight of Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul who walks behind Sergio to take a seat at an adjacent table with three other surprised members of Team Perkins.


I then hear an eruption from the table to my right. I look over to see that another two of my Team Perkins crew have been drawn to a table with none other than former world champion, Chris Moneymaker.

By now, we all have the same look of on our faces... it's a look akin to having accidently swallowed the red pill that Morpheus offered, rather than the blue one that we meant to take. And now we are stuck. In the Matrix.


Team Perkins in the Bahamas

Then I think back to how our Team Perkins group started the day... it was possibly even weirder.

Since day one, our 23-strong group had been meeting with Bill and his entourage each morning to receive coaching from some famous faces. On day one we received coaching from Ike Haxton and Jeff Gross, who covered everything in their session from deep-stacked tournament play to push-fold ranges, c-bet strategies and live tells.

This morning was no different, except there were no coaches when we arrived, and no Bill in sight. As we sat down wondering what was going on, we hear a cheerful "What's up people?" ring out from the back of the room.

We turn around to see that the voice belongs to none other than Daniel Negreanu, who is joined in tow by Liv Boeree. They had been out the night before, but had shown to pass the tricks of the trade. And why? Well, alongside the flights, accommodation, and $1,500 in tournament entries we'd received from Bill, coaching was part of the package. After all, Bill wants us to do well. And he wants us to do well for a reason.

Not only were we here to represent Bill and his Twitch channel The Thirst Lounge, there's also talk of a side-bet with a certain Brian Rast on exactly how well we'd do as Team Perkins. We're not entirely sure what the bet entails, but regardless Bill has flown us in from all corners of the world to experience a week of poker paradise, and we even get to keep our own winnings.

We're grateful. And we want to return the favour to Bill. So we decide to try and make a name for Team Perkins in the Bahamas.

And how exactly?

We had a plan.


Hello from the Bahamas

Wednesday: Part 2 of Team Perkins in the Bahamas

Dan Jones
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