Team Perkins in the Bahamas Pt. 2: Bahamian Battle Plan

Dan Jones is an amateur poker player from London who was most recently was featured in the PokerStars Blog audio feature The New Guy. As he mentioned here, he dipped into his girlfriend's bikini drawer to score a free trip to the Bahamas. Yesterday he told the first part of this story. This is what happened next.

Armed with a plan to make a name for Team Perkins in the Bahamas, we got to work.

After some research we discovered that 18-person capped $220 flip-out tournaments were being held each night we were in the Bahamas. Not only were these small fields, there was something even bigger to be won than the money in these events: winners would also receive a coveted PSC trophy for their efforts.

And our plan was to win one.

We decided that if we could enter as many of the 20-strong Team Perkins team into the same tournament as possible, surely, there would be a good chance of us taking home a trophy?

A group of us agreed that this was a solid plan, and we talked strategy in our morning meeting. When we pulled up to the tournament desk half an hour before registration closed, we found that nine other runners have already entered - so we took the remaining nine spots.


A few of the guys, scheming ahead of the flip-out

And that's how I found myself at a table next to golf legend Sergio Garcia. "Good luck" I said to him as the cards were being dealt. He wished me the same.

And we were off.

The way the flip-outs work is that all players are put all-in on the first hand, with winners of this flip then making it to the final table before a standard sit-and-go takes place. Not exactly a game of skill, at least in the initial stages - but if enough of our players could win their flip and make it through to the final table then we'd be in with a real chance.

Then the all-in's begin. I lose my flip immediately, as does Sergio. But, our grand plan has worked...sort of. The final six-handed table is made up of three Team Perkins members, meaning that we're in with a real shot to win a trophy. isn't to be. With Chris Moneymaker on the table, the best we could muster is a third-place finish, and we leave the tournament room for the day disappointed.


The view from my room at the Atlantis

As day 5 rolled around, the sun was out in the Bahamas. A few of us took a walk on the beach, contemplating whether our luck on the tables would change. When we made our way back to the tournament room later that day, we were surprised to find that the cashes slowly started rolling in.

What's more, we decided to give our flip-out idea another stab.

And that's when it happened...


Mary Pudmoreff wins a trophy for Team Perkins

We bink a tournament, take home a trophy, and make our own small mark on the first ever PSC for Team Perkins.
And we couldn't be happier. Not just for the trophy, but for the whole experience.

In a time where the game is arguably becoming harder for amateurs to break through the ranks and make it onto the circuit, the kind of generosity displayed by Bill to organise this for his fans is astounding. Bill helped 20-odd ordinary poker enthusiasts live out a dream. Fans who normally only get to be the spectators, not the participants. And yet here we found ourselves, in the Bahamas as part of the inner circle, experiencing it all.

Whether it was sitting at a table next to Will Kassouff who was shouting out his famous lines while wearing a t-shirt with his own face on it, or drunkenly busting moves with GPI player of the year David Peters at the player's party, getting coached by KidPoker himself, or being in with the chance of pocketing some cash - we all got to temporarily live inside a world we only really get to see from the outside.

8G2A8944_Atlantis_PCB2017_Neil Stoddart.jpg

And perhaps the biggest success, whether Bill knew it or not, was that Team Perkins really was a team. A team where we were all rooting for and supporting each other. Where we wanted each other to succeed. Where we cared about our collective success above any one individual's success.

He did a great thing for us, and a great thing for the game. And for that he should be commended.

Thank you Bill.


Team Perkins

Dan Jones
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