The Veldhuis verdict on that fold fit for kings

This is one of those stories where words typed here don't mean very much in comparison to video of what happened.

You might already have heard of this hand, played by Lex Veldhuis, which in some ways has become a "Fold heard around the world." Then again, more and more Lex moments are getting noticed these days.

lex_veldhuis_invitational_8dec17.jpgLex Velhuis

This one involved a big pot, a pair of kings, and a pre-flop fold. It also provided all the evidence you might need that "money not lost" is as much a reason to celebrate as "money won".

We asked him how he did it.

"Get on my level", was the reply.

Watch the video. He has a point.

(Note: Be warned that moments like this tend to produce language on the adult side.)

If you want some of this to rub off on you the best thing to do is join thousands of others watching Lex Veldhuis on Twitch. You can do that here.

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