Top 5 most controversial poker hands

As the distinguished etiquette experts Debretts would tell you: manners are there to ensure that the hell of other people is made more bearable. I'm paraphrasing of course, but that's about the gist of it.

You don't play your music loud, and I'll chew my food with my mouth closed. If you let me into traffic at a busy junction, I won't drive down the highway like a lunatic to tell you just how selfish you are. That's the theory at least. It's a give and take that ensures we all stay calm and nobody gets hurt.

DN450_9Feb17.jpgA Daniel Negreanu mis-click?

Naturally the same applies at the poker table, where tempers can flare at even the slightest contravention of the written and unwritten laws of the game, as our latest video from the PokerStars archives demonstrates.

Top 5 Most Controversial Poker Hands

As you'll see the top five includes breaches of everything, from etiquette, fair play, and depending on which end of an Ivan Freitez hand you're on, your basic Human Rights. You won't have a case to present at the United Nations exactly, but you'll have the bulk of the poker world on your side.

So take a look at everything from bad manners, mis-clicks and "that hand", as well as the sporting decency of one eventual EPT winner that we like to think balances out the dastardliness of another.

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