Top 5 Phil Hellmuth meltdowns

He's the poker player we love to hate, or should that be "hate to love"? Whatever your opinion is about Phil Hellmuth there's no denying that when he plays things happen, and when things happen he has a tendency to explode.

That makes life a little awkward for him, but entertaining for the rest of us, as this latest Top 5 video from the archives of PokerStars demonstrates.


Here we count down the Top 5 Hellmuth meltdowns, starting with his Super High Roller debut in the Bahamas back in 2013 through to a memorable hand against an internet legend, which ends with a traditional Hellmuth fireworks display.

In between there are some classic moments to enjoy. If you have your own favourite let us know @PokerStarsBlog, but we think it's hard to beat these.

Take a look in the video below.

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Stephen Bartley
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