The latest Top 5 video: Table nightmares

Let's face it, we don't watch poker on television solely to see the good hands, we want to see the bad hands as well. For every memorable hand played brilliantly by players at the top of their game, there is a nightmare hand that leaves an even longer lasting impression on the player themselves and us folks watching at home.

This is the topic of this week's Top 5 video from the archives of In this video we delve into the world of live poker, picking out the victim (take a guess who), the drinker, the motor mouth, the tanker, and a host of those experts you frequently run into at the table.

It all makes for some compelling -- and slightly painful -- viewing, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

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Will Kassouf_1Mar17.jpgMotor mouth? William Kassouf

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