Usain Bolt, world's fastest man, partners with PokerStars

Don't blink, folks. This is gonna move pretty fast.

Just a few minutes ago, Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, announced he was teaming up with PokerStars to help promote the game around the world. Moreover, in the process, the eight-time Olympic gold winner called out PokerStars' favorite funnyman, Kevin Hart.

As you might remember, a few weeks back, Hart announced he had joined PokerStars in an effort to make poker fun again. Now a record-breaking sprinter aims to speed up that effort.


Usain Bolt

You can hear it for yourself. Bolt posted this video to his social media accounts.

He's ready to run. Further to that, Bolt said, "PokerStars is a winner, and I'm happy to join Kevin in helping to bring poker and PokerStars to the masses. It's a challenging game that's fun, social, and competitive, so I'm pleased to be able to introduce it to my fans and to people around the world."

Bolt will represent PokerStars in marketing campaigns and live appearances geared toward introducing new audiences to poker, said Eric Hollreiser, PokerStars' vice president of corporate communications.

"Usain Bolt is a fierce competitor who pushes his game to the limits," Hollreiser said. "But he's also one of the most-liked athletes in the world. His strong global following and winning personality will help us to introduce poker in a fun, social and fast way."

So, strap on your running shoes, folks, and see if you can keep up with Bolt...and keep from laughing too hard at Hart while you're trying to run.

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