Weekend Warm-Up: Racking up the week in PokerStars

Well, we made it through the week again, which means it's time to check if the boss is looking before catching up on what's been going on with PokerStars this past week.

So here they are, in no particular order...

chip_racks_24Feb17.jpgRacking up the week in PokerStars

From play money players to real life savers

If you haven't already read this piece by Brad Willis it should be the first thing you click today. It's an incredible story of a woman whose life was quite literally saved by people she'd previously known only as user names in the play money chat box. She now calls them more than that. It turns out that playing poker can actually save your life. Read the full story here.

All aboard the Streamboat

As we wrote on the Blog earlier this week, who wouldn't want to be a friend of Bill Perkins?

The man himself is offering the opportunity of a life time to spend a week with him, and a variety of the game's best Twitchers on board his "StreamBoat" in the US Virgin Islands. Naturally Bill will pick up the bill.

Streamboat Bill Perkins_24Feb17.jpgCaptaining the Streamboat: Bill Perkins

If it sounds too glorious to believe, well, we understand. But it's true, as you can find out here.

One player's mistake is someone else's entertainment!

This week the people in the PokerStars office who like nothing more than rummaging around the archives dug out five great examples of "huge mistakes" caught on camera.

Ivey_Reaction_23Feb17_v2.jpgJaw dropping stuff

And while they might have provided agony to the players involved they've provided guaranteed entertainment for the rest of us, as you can see here.

The latest episode of Poker In The Ears

A new episode of the podcast is now available, featuring a guest appearance by Mike "Timex" McDonald, and the first details of a brand new TV show and how you can take part in it. We'll let the team introduce it...

"James and Joe welcome Matt to the podcast full-time, following his recent hardware and software upgrades. The boys kick off the show with a reminder of next week's #PokerStarsTV Home Game and details of how YOU can win a trip to Monte Carlo to compete against the pros in an exclusive televised cash game, the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge.


"The world's newest Twitch star, Mike 'Timex' McDonald, is this week's guest. He talks about the success of his poker streams and tells the surprising story of his...er...first time! James, Joe and Matt break down another countdown: the Top 5 Huge Mistakes (now available to watch at PokerStars.tv). And Julez Redding from London demonstrates his knowledge of 'Scott Pilgrim vs the World' in 'Superfan vs Stapes'."


Click here to listen to the latest episode

A Kruk of gold

There appeared a familiar face on the front page of the PokerStars Blog in the early hours of Wednesday morning after Chris "apotheosis92" Kruk took down the Super Tuesday and a first prize of $70,679.

Super Tuesday Chris Kruk_24Feb17.jpgChris Kruk

Jason Kirk was on hand to provide the recap, which you can read here.

That's it for the week. Send your comments to us on Twitter:
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