February 2018

28 February

Coming up today: A Team Pro Turbo Series Battle Royale not to be missed

How does a chance to learn something from the pros sound? Or failing that, just pure entertainment? The best of Team PokerStars Online gather today in a Battle Royale-style Turbo Series sit and go. There's money at stake - this is poker after all - but of much greater value...more

Turbo Series: €urop€an wins a second title to record a Series double

The headlines on Day 10 of Turbo Series. Scroll down for a link to the Series homepage, with details of the Main Event this weekend. • €urop€an wins a second Turbo Series event • Five more events scheduled for today Turbo Series has reached Day 10 with five more events...more

27 February

Super Tuesday: OLD TIME GIN wins $54K, second title in three tries

The last decade has been good for Matt "OLD TIME GIN" Stone. He's earned $3.5 million in PokerStars tournament cashes and dozens of outright victories, the second-largest being his $83,000 score winning the Super Tuesday back in August 2012. Two months after that landmark victory OLD TIME GIN found himself...more

Turbo Series: brilbril the big winner on the day. Five more events for Tuesday

The headlines from Turbo Series... • brilbril of the Netherlands is the big winner of the Day in Event 40 • 43 of 74 Turbo Series events are now completed. 31 remain. • Five more events play today Turbo Series plays on today with five more events. The Series finishes...more

A brief history of eSports

Video games are serious business and a new big-money career of choice for the world's top players. Find how the burgeoning eSports industry started, and what you can look forward to in 2018... As a career choice, playing video games is one that most parents would scoff at. But this...more

26 February

Weekend Review: News of Akameo in the Sunday Million, and the full slate of Turbo Series results

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • Akameo of Hungary wins the Sunday Million • 15 Turbo Series events play out over the weekend • Swedish player compris is the biggest Turbo Series winner of the weekend in Event 37 Akameo...more

Peter Brankin turns £150 into £9,750 and a Platinum Pass (and at least one other perk) at London Megastacks

The PokerStars MEGASTACK London champion, and winner of the PokerStars Players no-limit hold'em Championship Platinum Pass is Peter Brankin, a 24-year-old Masters student at University College London. Brankin, who studies Social Cognition, is from Worcestershire, England, but has lived ten minutes away from the Hippodrome since he moved to London...more

How a new event sponsorship with Casino Barcelona will bring new benefits for players

Last month PokerStars became the first poker operator to offer shared online player pools. Spanish and French poker players have already noticed the benefits. The PokerStars FRESH series, for example, made the point well when it smashed its €5 million guarantee. The games are getting bigger, and better. Now there...more

From Tetris to Super Mario Bros: The top 10 classic games from the 80s

The 70s was a groundbreaking decade for video games. Early cabinets of Pong and Breakout were the harbingers of Space Invaders, the 1978 game that changed everything. But if the 70s was where it all began, the 80s was the decade where franchises were born and game designers took the...more

Sunday Million: Big pairs and patience earn Akameo $157K

Hungary's Akameo entered this week's Sunday Million final with the chip lead and ended it with all the chips. But the two hours of poker between those moments - and the 11 hours that preceded them - were anything but easy. That lead proved to be more of a buffer...more

23 February

Practicing a New Chord

If you've ever played a musical instrument, you'll know immediately where I'm headed. Maybe you pick up a guitar - you learn a G chord, a C chord, and a D chord. Well, those three chords will get you through a few thousand songs, but you branch out, learn the...more

More wins for buck21 this weekend on Turbo Series?

Headlines on Day 6 of Turbo Series, and looking ahead ot the weekend on PokerStars... • Shawn "buck21" Buchanan headlines the day's Turbo Series news • Adrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome goes close in Event 20 • Get details of the latest episode of Poker in the Ears • Read about Jaime...more

Jaime Staples wins Best Streamer at the American Poker Awards

It's award's season, and that includes the poker world. The great and the even greater graced the halls of the American Poker Awards last night to celebrate achievements in the game Stateside in 2017. Among the nominees were several PokerStars Team Pros, one of whom celebrated with some silverware in...more

22 February

VIDEO: #GameOn continues as things get serious across the poker table

The #GameOn series continues, with Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart heads-up in the Bahamas for bragging rights to last a life time. There have been ice baths, bluffing, reads, and even a race on the beach. But now it's all about poker, with Hart and Bolt, ably assisted by Daniel...more

How Serban Borlan recorded his textbook Turbo Series win

If you look closely at what tournament winners say in the days after their victory, a familiar pattern emerges. It looks something like this: • First they credit "luck" rather than their own talents for reaching the final table • Having reached the final table, they take on a sudden,...more

Turbo Series: demondoink binks the day's big win

The latest news from Day 5 of the Turbo Series... • demondoink the big winner of the day in the 6-Max Progressive KO event • Five more events coming up today Results from yesterday Another five events played out on Wednesday. Demondoink was the biggest winner, collecting $43,425.18 for winner...more

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge, Episode 7

Six new players took their seats at the Cash Challenge table last week and didn't waste any time at all going to battle. We saw Celina Lin felted by Jake Cody, Sam Grafton the victim of an audacious Alireza Fatehi bluff and the always popular 7-2 game in full effect....more

21 February

The Power of a Good Run

Have you ever gone on a great run at the poker table? The adrenaline rush is powerful. You feel indestructible, like you can bulldoze any and every opponent standing in your way as you amass more and more chips. Having myself experienced some pretty darn great runs at the tables...more

APPT Macau: Super High Roller Early Bird Special

PokerStars LIVE Macau will be hosting APPT Macau from March 15-25, 2018. Last year, when the event was known as PokerStars Championship Macau the HK$400,000 Super High Roller had 88 entrants for a massive prize pool of HK$33.8 million (USD $4.4M)! If you intend to compete in one of...more

Turbo Series: Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy headlines Day 4

The news on Day 4 of the Turbo Series... • gnetaren of Sweden is the big winner on the day in Event 12 • Vladimir "vovtroy" Troyanovskiy also among the winners on Day 4 Results from yesterday Five more events occupied Turbo Series players yesterday, the biggest of which being...more

Super Tuesday: DEX888 flips the script, earns $53K for big final table comeback

The first time he found himself within three places of winning the Super Tuesday, Daris "DEX888" Pedes got his chips in as a 2-to-1 favorite. The player who eventually won the tournament outdrew him and DEX888 settled for fourth place. Tonight DEX888 revisited that experience from a different (and much...more

20 February

PokerStars Streamers face off in a Twitch Turbo Series SNG to remember

So yeah. We need to talk. It's about next Wednesday. You're going to need to arrange some time off. Yep, we know. That's not always easy. In which case, if you can't get time off you're going to need some headphones, and a way to discretely position your work computer...more

Last chance in the Truth or Bluff #PlatinumPass promotion

This week is your last chance to take part in our social media promotion Truth or Bluff. It starts with a video but it could end with you winning a Platinum Pass and a trip of a lifetime to the PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas next January. We won't...more

Kevin Martin turning thirds and fourths into firsts and seconds

Kevin Martin is making a habit of near misses these days, but last Friday he put the record straight with a "small", but perfectly formed win. Team Pro Kevin Martin The celebration was something of a team effort, as the clip below shows. This had a profound effect in the...more

Nick "FU_15" Maimone headlines Day 3 of Turbo Series

We move into Day 3 of the Turbo Series... • Nick FU_15 Maimone's win headlines the day's events • Five Turbo Series events conclude, five more to start Hi Nick! Results from yesterday There was a full slate of events in Turbo Series yesterday with five events playing to a...more

19 February

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge, Episode 6

It's a new episode of our cash game and, to celebrate, we've got a completely new line-up for you too. Here's how the table is set up for episode 6: Seat 1: Alex Currie The latest Challenger in the game is Alex Currie, a British student and keen poker player...more

Weekend Review: Thrillers in Manila and the Million while Turbo Series gets under way

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • joker180785 wins the Sunday Million • Turbo Series gets underway • Platinum Passes in Manila joker180785 wins the Sunday Million It was a tense affair in the Sunday Million this week. In football that...more

Sunday Million: joker180785's epic duel with dennysramos2 ends in $148K victory

For nearly an hour and a half tonight, with six thousand players already eliminated and a deal already struck guaranteeing both of them the most money they'd ever seen at once, two players battled heads-up over $24,000 and the right to be called a Sunday Million champion. Both players arrived...more

18 February

Takayama Makes Second Chance Count, Wins Latest PokerStars Platinum Pass

Making it heads-up in two large tournaments in the same month is tough. Doing it in two events that have PokerStars Platinum Passes on the line is nearly impossible. Mike Takayama is a professional poker player who sits in third place on the Philippine's all-time poker money list and on...more

Turbo Talk: Liv Boeree

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

17 February

Want to win a #TurboSeries event? Team Pros have some advice

The Turbo Series starts this weekend. That means 74 fast paces tournaments with $15 million guaranteed across the Series. It's a unique form of the game, and one that can cause even the experienced pro to stumble. So how best to prepare for a series like this? We asked our...more

Turbo Talk: Chris Moneymaker

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

16 February

Team Pros look ahead to the PokerStars #TurboSeries

The PokerStars Turbo Series is almost here, the poker series that can legitimately call itself the fastest game in town. If you're not already up to speed, so to speak, it all starts this Sunday 18 February with 74 events through to 4 March, with $15 million in guaranteed prize...more

Turbo Talk: Jaime Staples

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

15 February

Best of the Blog #1: The long, lonely walk of Matt Affleck

In the 2010 WSOP Main Event, Matt Affleck was eliminated in 15th place after getting outdrawn in a huge pot versus eventual champion Jonathan Duhamel. Yet it wasn't the hand itself that has gone down in poker history, but the aftermath of the hand as expertly told by PokerStars Blog...more

Turbo Talk: Maria Konnikova

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

"You can't beat dumb luck!": A gracious 12u55 on that $129K Sunday Million title

Sunday routines are pretty simple for Canadian player 12u55. If he can play, he will. No regimen. No strict diet or procedure. In many ways, it bucks against the notion of optimal conditions. In 12u55's case it's not the highly prepared athlete you envisage, more the maverick, shunning the half...more

Ben Spragg streams his way to a second place finish in the Super Tuesday Early Edition

There was a great result for Team Online's Ben Spragg this week in the $215 Super Tuesday (Early Edition), which had $30,000 guaranteed. Spraggy streamed his way to second place for a cash of $6,090.82. And while disappointed not to have gone all the way for the win, he had...more

14 February

Thank Phil and Johnny for Simeon Panov, Platinum Pass winner

It was 2005, a heady time for anyone who loved poker. Chris Moneymaker had gone boom. PokerStars was sending thousands of people to the World Series of Poker Main Event. The European Poker Tour was finding its legs. It seemed poker had become a worldwide phenomenon. In Bulgaria's capital, Sofia,...more

VIDEO: Getting serious (kind of) as Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt go heads-up #GameOn

Last week Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt went head to head (well, kind of) in a foot race on the beach. The result was, let's say... surprising. But also, a lot of fun, so be sure to check it out here. In this week's #GameOn video things are altogether more...more

"It's just the beginning": Brazil's Luis "Hulk9950" Felipe on his $960,000 Sunday (Million) routine

There's a possibility, however slight, that the talent demonstrated by Luis "Hulk9950" Felipe in the 12th Anniversary Sunday Million, is inherited. "My mother plays poker every day," he said. "On Facebook ;p" Then again, talking to the 30-year-old from Brazil, who won $960,000 a little over a week ago, you...more

Turbo Talk: Jake Cody

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

13 February

Super Tuesday: Three years later, dirty.brasil cleans house in $45K victory

Canada's dirty.brasil has been a consistent presence in PokerStars tournaments for most of the last decade, earning Sunday Warm-Up, SCOOP, and WCOOP victories and more than $3.6 million in cashes. Only one of those cashes came at a Super Tuesday final table but it was a big one - $60,690...more

Turbo Talk: Celina Lin

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

Week 3 of Truth or Bluff #PlatinumPass

As you'll know by now there's more than one way to win a Platinum Pass. And they don't all require your victory in a PokerStars High Roller event. There's plenty of opportunity for low stakes players as well, including the special freeroll we're hosting as part of the Truth or...more

12 February

Weekend Review: 12u55 wins the Sunday Million as Macau Poker Cup concludes with three new Platinum Pass winners

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • 12u55 wins the Sunday Million • Macau Poker Cup concludes, with more Platinum Passes awarded 12u55 wins the Sunday Million We start this week in the usual fashion, a story of triumph in the...more

Turbo Talk: Lex Veldhuis

The PokerStars Turbo Series is coming up and it promises to be the fastest and most thrilling tournament series of the year. To get you in the mood for speed, PokerStars Blog enlisted the help of Team Pro to answer ten quick-fire questions for an interview series we like to...more

Sunday Million: 12u55 follows through on dominant performance with $129K victory

12u55 had played for more than a decade without a cash of more than $4,000. Then last October, he burst through that barrier with a $35,000+ win in the Sunday Grand. That might have done for another ten years, but it was just a step on the upward trajectory of...more

10 February

MPC28 High Roller: Badziakouski wins, collecting HK$2,324,000 and US$30k Platinum Pass

The MPC28 HK$80k High Roller has played to a finish and it is Mikita Badziakouski who has walked off with the spoils. Badziakouski has put together an incredible recent run of results, adding the High Roller rewards he collects here to the breath-taking $6 million he's won from poker over...more

Mikita Badziakouski high rolls his way to the PSPC after winning Platinum Pass

"It's a very smart idea. It's going to be huge!" Mikita Badziakouski wins MPC28 High Roller Mikita Badziakouski is no stranger to doing well in Macau and no stranger to doing well in High Rollers. Today, the Belarusian star combined both to divesting effect, dismantling a tough final table to...more

Sandhy Rafael Sitepu awarded Platinum Pass after claiming MPC28 $HK25k NLHE crown

We're all going to the Bahamas! Sandhy Rafael Sitepu awarded his Platinum Pass There's a very high chance that John Juanda will play in the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) at the 2019 PCA, but just in case he doesn't make it, Indonesia are now sure to be represented after Sandhy...more

9 February

PokerStars MPC28: HK$80,000 high roller final day live coverage

Mikita Badziakouski closes out MPC28 HK$80,000 High Roller for HK$2.3 million Chalk up another one for Mikita Badziakouski In the end Belarusian crusher Mikita Badziakouski would not be denied the Macau Poker Cup 28 HK$80,000 High Roller title. Badziakouski made short work of Spaniard Raul Martinez with heads-up lasting little...more

Tales from the Home Game: Jimmy the Chair

If you haven't read it yet, please immediately purchase and read Victoria Coren-Mitchell's eloquent reflection on poker and life, For Richer, For Poorer. There are half a dozen reasons it's a must-read, but one of the most compelling is her description of her Tuesday night home game in London. By...more

Alvan Zheng becomes the 28th Red Dragon and the latest Platinum Pass winner

Alvan Zheng tames the Dragon and wins his way to the PokerStars Players Championship at the 2019 PCA Alvan Zheng: MPC28 Red Dragon champion In terms of participants, the Red Dragon tournament - which is the Main Event in the Macau Poker Cup series - is the biggest tournament in...more

Alvan Zheng wins MPC28 Red Dragon, HK$3,000,000, and Platinum Pass

The MPC28 Red Dragon, hosted by the PokerStars LIVE cardroom at The City of Dreams, Macau has been a special tournament and it had a fittingly spectacular finale. "This is the biggest moment in my poker career, I'm very excited right now" Chinese winner Alvan Zheng told us shortly...more

Weekend planner: What have you missed this week on PokerStars?

Catching up on the week on PokerStars.. • Macau Poker Cup concludes this weekend • Sunday Million winner banks $960,000 • More players on their way to the PSPC • Molly's Game, movies and more in this week's Poker In The Ears • Check out the best of this week's...more

PokerStars MPC28: Matt Moss, Ben Lai crush Day 1 of HK$80,000 high roller

The HK$80,000 High Roller at PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 28 gave players one last chance to grab a $30,000 Platinum Pass and a truckload of cash. Day 1 attracted 87 entries with everyone trying to take advantage of that extra value offered by PokerStars. England's Matt Moss was on a...more

PokerStars MPC28: Alvan Zheng is the new Red Dragon!

Zheng is the new Red Dragon! (HK$3,055,000) Hong busts in 2nd (HK$1,824,000) Level 28: Blinds 60,000/120,000 (ante 10,000) The only shake we saw from the nerveless Zheng at the final table. The heads up looked like it could take a while, both men started 100BBs deep. The pair traded blows...more

Slow rolling is bad, but also funny when it involves Fintan Hand and Jaime Staples

A must watch video for Friday, featuring Fintan Hand, Jaime Staples, and proof, as Hand would put it, that karma simply does not exist. At least not in poker. Not all the time. Fintan Hand, with reason to smile You might think there are issues of decency surrounding slow rolling,...more

8 February

Poker In The Ears: Molly's Game, movies and more (plus details of a Friday night freeroll)

Poker in the movies has for years inspired people to pick up a deck of cards and start playing poker. And it's not just recreationally. Many current professionals point to films like Rounders as having kick started their passion for the game, and the success they've subsequently enjoyed turning that...more

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Game, Episode 5

Only 30 hands remain in this session of the Cash Challenge but there are still plenty of questions that need answering. Will Charlie Carrel continue to steamroll the table? Can the Challenger Mila Munroe run up a stack to take home? And how will Igor Kurganov fare when he joins...more

Highlights from Veldhuis, Gross, Hand and Spragg in full streaming mode

Joy, rapture, schadenfreude, glee, hints of violence, expletives of course, regret, hypothetical grandchildren, and a hell of a lot of fun. And that's just January for Lex Veldhuis. Lex Veldhuis in grandfather mode Lex's clips are always worth watching, and his highlights reels are now exception. If you haven't already...more

PokerStars MPC28: Red Dragon Final Table Set, $30,000 Platinum Pass Awaits

There was no shortage of drama on Day 3 of the 28th edition of the Red Dragon. The eliminations were Formula 1-fast. The bad beats were spectacular. The chip stacks rivaled the height of some Macau high rises. At the end of the day Junhao Hong did the best job...more

7 February

VIDEO: Aditya Agarwal on booming India and Platinum Passes

Depending on which report you read, India is set to become the most populous nation on earth in the next four to six years, and poker is starting to boom there, which makes it a pretty important place for the global growth of poker. Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal talks...more

Meet the PSPC's "biggest underdog," Mikolaj Syp

We need to talk about Mikolaj Syp, because by the time January 2019 rolls around, you're going to be watching him on PokerStars TV, and you need to prepare yourself for him. Syp won a Platinum Pass in January as part of the PCA live stream giveaway, which was, for...more

VIDEO: Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt #GameOn in a foot race on the beach

Here's a simple question. Who do you think would win a foot race between Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt? Seems straight forward enough. But as with every #GameOn video things aren't always as they seem. So, we set out to find the answer to that question in the latest #GameOn...more

6 February

PokerStars MPC28: Tang roars on Red Dragon Day 2

• START OF DAY 3 CHIP COUNTS • DAY 3 SEAT DRAW • PRIZE POOL AND PAYOUT INFORMATION • PLAYERS: 67 (of 1,122) • ALL MPC INFO | DOWNLOAD POKERSTARS • Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter There is normal. And there is Macau style. You see something strange out here -...more

Super Tuesday: Past runner-up OempaLoempah returns, beats jeanfranco07 heads-up for $51K

Anthony "OempaLoempah" Chimkovitch earned the biggest PokerStars cash of his career last April in the Super Tuesday. After beginning the final table as the short stack, he went on a run that gave him the chip lead with one opponent left. Then he lost all the key pots and finished...more

Platinum Pass winner Harry Rafikovich gets lucky for a second time

It would be old news to say one of our latest Platinum Pass winners got lucky. Harry Rafikovich already had Lucky, so it feels a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy. More on that in a second. Rafikovich, a 33 year-old builder who specializes in building jacuzzis and swimming pools, is...more

VIDEO: PokerStars MPC28 Meet the Team, featuring Fred Leung & Rex Cheong

"We have someone here, someone who's right for the team." Working at poker events all around the world can seem like a glamorous job. You get to travel to amazing locations and stay in nice hotels, but the reality is a little different. You rarely get to see the locations...more

Get ready for Week 2 of Truth or Bluff

So how did you do in Truth or Bluff last week? If you're not already familiar with this, you can catch up on the details here. But here's a brief recap. Each Tuesday we're posting a video on our Twitter stream (@PokerStars), featuring a Pro player at the PCA. What...more

Short and sweet: One player's journey from $100 to $1 million

This is a story of a Russian poker player by the name of 24hourATM, who one day played a Spin & Go for $100, thinking it a regular game, until he noticed something out of the ordinary - a prize pool of $1.2 million. Minutes later, the same player became...more

PokerStars MCP28: Massive 492-Player Day 1C Helps Red Dragon Crush HK$10m GTD

It was always going to be the biggest starting flight but by the time the smoke had cleared on Day 1C of the Macau Poker Cup 28 Red Dragon Main Event there were a staggering 492 additions to the field. The big Day 1C numbers helped propel the overall field...more

5 February

Brazil's Hulk9950 smashes 12th Anniversary Sunday Million for $960,000

Twelve years ago this week PokerStars changed the landscape of online poker by introducing the Sunday Million to its weekly schedule. A dozen years and hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money have established this tournament as the place where online poker dreams come true on a weekly basis....more

Everything there is to know about the new Turbo Series

Not long ago we brought news of the new Turbo Series on PokerStars (and the need for a high Red Bull tolerance), coming up later this month. Well, now we have the details. Replacing the old TCOOP format, the Turbo Series features the same Turbo events, the same variety of...more

VIDEO: Celina Lin gets her hands on a coveted Platinum Pass

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin sat down during the Macau Poker Cup 28 to tell us all about the US$8 million Platinum Pass promotion and how you can win your way to the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) at the 2019 PCA where $1 million will be added to first place!...more

Do you remember when....the European Poker Tour hit the ski slopes?

In just a few days from now, more than 3,000 athletes from 90 countries will compete for medals in more than 100 events at the 23rd Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The quadrennial event is certainly a highlight of 2018's sporting calendar and a must-watch spectacle for winter sports...more

Weekend Review: "I've won what?" (and other stories of glory)

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • Nobody wins the Sunday Million (it hasn't finished yet) • Check out the big winners from the weekend • Platinum Passes won in Macau How things stand in the 12th Anniversary Sunday Million Value....more

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Game, Episode 4

It's time to stand back and watch the fireworks as Faraz Jaka and Charlie Carrel collide in the biggest pot of the series so far, worth a staggering €46,000.... There's no doubt that 2017 SCOOP Main Event champion Charlie Carrel is a great player, but if you were judging...more

4 February

PokerStars MPC28: Lianqin Luo leads MPC28 Red Dragon after Day 1B

Luo takes charge of 2018 Red Dragon in Macau If history was to be believed, the MPC Red Dragon Day 1B was always likely to produce a bumper field...and so it proved. We were impressed by yesterday's showing of 280 players for Day 1A but today's 349-strong contingent handily eclipsed...more

PokerStars MPC28: Meet the Team, featuring Mark Blake

"The sky is the limit for Asia" Mark Blake PokerStars entered the live poker scene in Asia in 2007 when it founded the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). The first season had stops (Manila, Seoul, Macau and Sydney) and has enjoyed steady growth ever since. Macau has been an ever-present...more

3 February

PokerStars MPC28: Chunhui Ji Snags Red Dragon Day 1A Chip Lead

The PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event has been steadily staking its claim as Asia's preeminent poker event over the last few years but there's something truly special about this year's edition. That something special? An extra $30,000 Platinum Pass to the inaugural $25k buy-in PokerStars Players Championship...more

Siyou Cao takes down the MPC Baby Dragon and a Platinum Pass

Siyou Cao becomes the latest winner of a Platinum Pass and joins the PSPC class of 2019. Siyou Cao: MPC28 Baby Dragon and Platinum Pass winner Poker players love any sort of added value in a tournament and it can come in many forms. Merchandise, overlays and money added to...more

PokerStars MPC28: Cao Wins MPC "Baby Dragon", HK$1.2 million and $30k Platinum Poker Pass

Cao is crowned new baby Dragon at MPC28 Congratulations to Sìyou Cao who has secured the Macau Poker Cup "Baby Dragon" title here in The PokerStars Live card-room at the City of Dreams, Macau. In collecting the title, Cao didn't just win the hefty HK$1,200,000 first prize money complete with...more

2 February

Daniel Negreanu exclusive: Kid Poker reveals the best NLHE player in the world...and it isn't who you think

There have been several poker players throughout the past century that were anointed as the best in the world by their peers. Names like Amarillo Slim, Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Chip Reese, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan are all legends of the game that have...more

Weekend Planner: Prepare to be busy, with anniveraries and Platinum Passes to be won

Catching up on the week on PokerStars.. • Six Platinum Passes to be won this weekend • Celebrating The Sunday Million and Sunday Storm • And another in our new Social Media promotion Truth or bluff • The latest from Poker In The Ears • Best player in the game?...more

Top ten moments on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Are you ready for the return of the record-breaking, trailblazing APPT? Get yourself in the mood by looking back at the ten greatest moments in APPT history After a year off, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is back in 2018 and ready to create even more winning moments...more

1 February

Felix "xflixx" Schneiders starts month on cloud (pocket) nines

Some people start the new months with superstitions, like saying "White rabbits" three times, or "pinch punch". Felix "xflixx" Schneiders prefers something different. He likes to start the new month with a win. Which is exactly what he did a few hours ago, beating a field of 391 players to...more