March 2018

17 March

APPT Macau: Nitsche bubbles giving Foxen a huge final table chip lead

What's the best storyline to lead this 'end of Day 2' article with? We can't decide. Is it that Alex Foxen holds a massive chip lead (more than a third of the chips in play) going into tomorrow's nine-handed finale? He bagged the chip lead last night too, and has...more

16 March

APPT Macau: Foxen bags Super High Roller lead after Bicknell wins big

Although APPT Macau 2018 has been rolling for a few days now, today was the day on which it got serious. It was the start of the $400,000 Super High Roller event and, as ever, the biggest buy-in meant the biggest stars. But as the likes of Patrick Antonius, John...more

#PlatinumPass winners talk about their success. Here's how you can join them

The news from PokerStars this week... • A look at this week's Platinum Pass winners • Gardner crowned London Series winner • Lester Edoc wins in Manila • Julian Perouse aiming high with Platinum Pass • James Ablott and the six-way chop • We need your help to raise $50,000...more

15 March

James Ablott: Playing six-handed for the Platinum Pass

How often do you see a tournament get six-handed and players agree to an ICM chop? And then how many times after they do that do you see those players still playing for a prize worth more than twice than first prize? That's where the final six players of the...more

#PlatinumPass winner Julien "L1VeYRdrEamS" Perouse aims big: "My goal is to be the new Fedor Holz"

Julien "L1VeYRdrEamS" Perouse is 27, a professional poker player, and a Turbo Series Main Event winner. He has one goal. "My goal is to be the new Fedor Holz. I know it's a big goal, but if you don't dream to be the best, you'll never be the best." Picking...more

13 March

WANTED: 5,000 Play Money players for 5 Billion GTD Right To Play charity event to help disadvantaged children

Did you know that there's a way to turn one million play money chips into life-changing education for children? It's all part of a record-breaking $5 Billion play money tournament we're hosting next month for Right To Play. It's set to be the biggest event of its kind. And with...more

Turbo Series winner Bradley "braddlz" Hill: "The only thing going through my mind was I couldn't believe it"

Turbo Series winner Bradley "Braddlz" Hill managed two ambitions when he won Event 75 last month. The first was a pay-out ten times bigger than anything else he'd won before (not an explicit ambition but one he was happy to backdate). The second was winning a poker title, a goal...more

12 March

Thanks, boss! Lester Edoc going to 2019 PSPC

We're just going to assume from the get-go that Lester Edoc's boss is going to give him the time off next January to attend the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship. Edoc seems like he's got a pretty good relationship with the guy, at least based on the first thing he...more

Gardner mows down field to win latest $30k Platinum Pass at The Hippodrome London Series

There is one more hero to add to the pantheon of Platinum Pass holders. Avid sportsman Gareth Gardner has joined the ever-growing list of players who will freeroll the 2019 $25,000 PSPC event. His tournament victory at the London Series at the Hippodrome was sweetened further by the bonus seat...more

Weekend Review: A win for TY4Stacks2 in the Sunday Million, while Gardner wins London Series #PlatinumPass

The headlines from the weekend on PokerStars... • TY4Stacks2 wins the Sunday Million • Gareth Gardner wins London Series and a Platinum Pass TY4Stacks2 wins the Sunday Million The biggest online event of the weekend was won by Swedish player TY4Stacks2. He took down a first prize of $147,116 this...more

Sunday Million: TY4Stacks2 earns $147K, second title in dominant final table performance

The last time TY4Stacks2 made the final table of the Sunday Million, an early win boosted the Swede into contention. Then a heads-up deal ended with TY4Stacks2 earning the title. This week TY4Stacks2 returned after a seven-year wait for an even better run than last time. The Swede brought the...more

9 March

The poker player who wants to change the world

As a boy, he played tennis against Novak Djokovic. Before poker he was a backgammon professional. Now he plays for high stakes against the best poker players in the world. Testing himself at the highest level is a theme with Alexandros Kolonias. So, while he has achieved a lot in...more

Weekend news that's all about Platinum Passes. And a wedding

All the highlights from the week on PokerStars... • How to win a Platinum Pass this March • How to win a #PlatinumPass for £250 • New live events for 2018 • PokerStars celebrates International Women's Day • The latest from Poker In The Ears • Will you be playing...more

How would you spend $3.3 million? Here's one answer

What exactly does it feel like to win $3.3 million? What is life like before, during and after the press of a button changes your life forever? Yesterday, one PokerStars player found out. zafujohn scored a win so big that it set new records, and left him with a big...more

8 March

Attention Poker Players: New Festivals and Megastacks announced for 2018

As PokerStars players are all too aware, fortunes can change on the push of a button. Often you can be just a click away from a life-changing experience, or even just the potential for one, like winning your way to a live PokerStars event. But the idea of big cash...more

Your quick guide to the next High Roller Series starting this month

If you're a high roller, or you have ambitions of becoming one, you're probably short on free time. So, let's get to the point. The new PokerStars High Roller Series starts this month. There's $10 million guaranteed That's across 27 events (up from 22 last time) And they're spread over...more

Fatima Moreira de Melo talks to Right To Play about International Women's Day

As well as being a Team PokerStars Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo is a prominant advocate for the work of Right To Play, which has a partnership with Helping Hands, the PokerStars corporate giving programme. On what is today International Womens Day, we're publishing her interview with Right To Play...more

PokerStars celebrates women in poker on International Women's Day

A lot will be said on International Women's Day today. And to be fair, most of it will deal with subjects far more significant than poker. But PokerStars is still marking the occasion. Because as outnumbered as they may be, women's contribution to the game we all love is undeniable....more

Breaking: How one player had a "pretty bloody marvellous day" with new $3.3 million record slots win

So how's your day going? Most of the time we all settle for "fine thanks" and get on with our day. But for one PokerStars customer the answer was much, much different today. "I have had a pretty bloody marvellous day." This is zafujohn, who had every reason to be...more

7 March

Super Tuesday: Swingy final ends with $48K win for la_benjjjjjj, leaves com 157 runner-up again

The players who come in with the most chips often leave with the big money. But the deep stacks and slow structure of the Super Tuesday create space for final table drama. Tonight that three-and-a-half-hour space was filled with big coolers, even bigger pots, and as many chip leaders as...more

6 March

2018 PSPC Platinum Pass winners Hall of Fame

Over the course of 2018, PokerStars is going to award more than 300 Platinum Passes to the 2019 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship. Their Pass gets them a $25,000 seat in the tournament and a trip to the Bahamas for the event. Who are they? Click on their names to...more

Team Pros Celina Lin and Randy Lew announce engagement (proving you can find love at the poker table)

Who was it that said poker wasn't a great way to meet your future spouse? Well, they were probably right. But every rule has its exception, as followers of Celina Lin and Randy Lew discovered this week. We don't usually do messages like this on the PokerStars Blog. Just as...more

You get a Platinum Pass! And you get a Platinum Pass! And you...

Sven McDermott was, shall we say, excited. "The hotel manager just came to my room to tell me to be quiet," he admitted a couple of minutes after realizing he was ten months away from playing the biggest tournament of his life. He tweeted this a little bit before everything...more

This weekend we're giving away a #PlatinumPass in the £250 PokerStars London Series. Got plans?

Ask yourself this. What do you really want to do Friday night? Because you know how it might turn out. You might watch the clock all Friday afternoon, clock out and have a couple of drinks after work. That might become a few more, followed by some mediocre takeaway food...more

5 March

Weekend Review: L1VeYRdrEamS wins #TurboSeries Main Event to wrap up weekend packed with action

The headlines from the weekend on PokerStars... • The Turbo Series concludes after two weeks and 74 tournaments • Canadian L1VeYRdrEamS wins the $2.5 million guaranteed Main Event, collecting $396,217. • Meanwhile Aftret wins the Sunday Million for $168,357. The #TurboSeries came to an end this weekend after 74 events....more

Sunday Million: Aftret's late rally earns $168K, long-awaited title

Things can change quickly in no-limit hold'em. Just ask Aftret. For a long time Aftret didn't have many chips. Then, suddenly, Aftret had them all. At the same time as earning more than $2.1 million in PokerStars cashes, the Norwegian came close to winning the Sunday Million twice. The first...more

2 March

Platinum Pass party this weekend as ten passes find their owners

Here's a quick question. Have you met all of our Platinum Pass winners so far? It's an eclectic bunch...a concrete engineer, a metal head, a drinks distributor, and just about every other sort of person you might imagine. But look at this photo. It lacks one Let's try to...more

To win this weekend: #TurboSeries, The Big Race, Sochi seats, and one of EIGHT Platinum Passes

A look back at the week on PokerStars... • Turbo Series stars on Twitch • More from Poker In The Ears • Looking ahead to the Turbo Series weekend • Win your way to the EPT season opener in Sochi • Are you taking part in The Big Race? •...more

Watch highlights as Jeff Gross wins #TurboSeries Team Pro Invitational

This week Team Pros tried to break the internet (in a minor) way by demonstrating the main virtue of the Twitch platform in a special Turbo Series invitational sit and go. We're not talking about the poker. We mean the trolling. More than 7,000 spectators watched the Turbo Series Team...more

This Sunday spend $2 in The Big Race to win a $3,000 Marbella Festival package (and more)

How do you boost your poker bankroll, and your BetStars account at the same time? Seems like a tough one, but there's a PokerStars promotion, back for a second year, which does just that. It's called The Big Race. Despite the name it's a poker tournament. It costs only a...more

Turbo Series: All the latest results as attention turns to the Main Events this weekend

The Turbo Series news on Friday, with three days left to play... • Killer_ooooo of Cyprus is the big winner of the day • Turbo Series concludes this weekend with two Main Events with millions guaranteed Turbo Series plays on today with five more events. The Series concludes this weekend...more

1 March

VIDEO: #GameOn continues as things get (less) serious at the poker table

There's heads up poker, and then there's heads up poker between Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt. The #GameOn series has been anything but conventional, and their finale across the poker table has been no different. Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt, refereed by Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, prepare to face off...more

Win your way to EPT Sochi for $11 and feel on top of the world

There's a cable car a short walk away from the Casino in Sochi. It runs from the Mzymta River, two miles up through the mountains, and into the clouds. You'll need a coat, maybe a head for heights, and a few Roubles for a ticket. But the view of the...more

APPT Macau: Another USD $120,000 in Platinum Passes Added Value

PokerStars LIVE Macau will be hosting APPT Macau from March 14-25, 2018 and the 12-day series will be giving away four Platinum Series packages each worth USD $30,000! What is this Platinum Pass you may ask? In January 2019, the PCA will be hosting the USD $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Players...more

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge, Episode 8

Have you ever met your heroes? Many people spend a lifetime wishing to meet theirs but when that fateful day finally comes, the reality doesn't always live up to the expectation. That may be the case for Challenger Alex Currie when the student comes up against long-time poker hero Jake...more

Turbo Series: All the latest results with 21 events still to play

The Turbo Series news from Day 12... • MonkeyBudg is the big winner of the day in Event 51 • 21 events, and four more days of Turbo Series remain There are still 21 Turbo Series events left to play, witht he Main Event starting this Sunday. Check out the...more