April 2018

19 April

Manila Megastack 9: ₱17M in Guaranteed Prize Money

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has had an action packed April and the month's exciting conclusion arrives at PokerStars LIVE Manila for Manila Megastack9 from April 27-May 6. Over ₱17 million in prize money has been guaranteed in the 10-day series which includes 26 Official Asia Player of the Year...more

18 April

Misha and Amelia play 5-card draw

It was over 20 years ago when I first met Berend and Eugene; we all worked for Silicon Graphics, back in the earlier days of Silicon Valley. They were fresh out of grad school engineering geniuses; I was a veteran journeyman software engineer. But we immediately struck up a friendship,...more

17 April

Hammering a dream into reality, Bas Haamers headed for the beach

Bas Haamers' mind is somewhere between the sunshine and the sand. He's a dreamer living in what is, for him, a bit of a meteorological nightmare. He's Dutch, which might start to explain things. "My dream was always to live in the sun and the beach. The weather is always...more

Freeroll every day for followers of new @PSTwitch account

What question is most likely to get poker players saying "yes"? I'm guessing, but I'd say "Do you like freerolls?" must be up towards the top of the list. All of which means you might be saying yes a lot this week. The reason for that has something to do...more

16 April

Homebody and family man Gonzalo Robles headed for uncharted poker waters

It's 6:45am, and Gonzalo Robles has a day ahead of him. The boys have to be taken to school, and it's up to Robles to get them there. When the boys are safely in their classrooms, Robles heads for the gym. It may be the only exercise he gets all...more

Muskan Sethi becomes new PokerStars India Ambassador

PokerStars.IN introduces a new Ambassador to the team this week, welcoming Indian poker player Muskan Sethi. Sethi (pronounced say-thee), joins the Team as PokerStars.IN prepares to open its door to India players. She joins Aditya Agarwal representing the biggest poker brand in the world, in one of the biggest countries...more

Weekend Review: 88pro88 wins the Sunday Million as Soyza takes top prize in Korea

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • 88pro88 wins Sunday Million • Michael Soyza win in Korea • Two more Platinum Passes awarded in APPT 88pro88 wins the Sunday Million The Sunday Million went to British player 88pro88 this weekend, who...more

2018 PSPC Platinum Pass winners Hall of Fame

Over the course of 2018, PokerStars is going to award more than 300 Platinum Passes to the 2019 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship. Their Pass gets them a $25,000 seat in the tournament and a trip to the Bahamas for the event. Who are they? Click on their names to...more

Sunday Million: Big pairs propel 88pro88 to title, $131K share of three-way deal

Six players came to this week's Sunday Million final table with more chips than 88pro88, but nobody left with more cash. A couple of big pocket pairs boosted 88pro88's outlook considerably. Taking the chip lead at that early stage allowed the British player to earn the largest share of a...more

15 April

Michael Soyza secures APPT Korea Main Event title, ₩158,700,000, and Platinum Pass

We have a champion in Korea. Michael Soyza overcame a field of 449 entries and a tough final day to win his first APPT title, ₩158,700,000 (~US$150K) and a Platinum Pass. Just today, Soyza had to beat the reigning champion in Korea, a Team PokerStars Online Pro, a former APPT...more

Michael Soyza saves a kidney by winning his entry to the PSPC at APPT Korea

At one stage today, it looked as if Japan were going to have two Platinum Pass winners from this week representing at the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) in 2019, such was the chip lead that Mitsuhiro Shiga held over Michael Soyza heads-up in the APPT Korea Main Event final table,...more

14 April

APPT Korea: Main Event Final Day coverage archive

• MICHAEL SOYZA WINS ₩158,700,000 (~US$150K) + PLATINUM PASS • PAYOUTS • ALL APPT KOREA INFO • DOWNLOAD POKERSTARS | Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter 10:05pm: We have a champ! Michael Soyza wins ₩158,700,000 and Platinum Pass Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (ante 20,000) It's all over! Soyza wins! After...more

Sumit Sapra flips his way to the PSPC at the PCA

Over 300 Platinum Passes will be awarded over the course of 2018 and APPT Korea was allowed in on the promotion with four up for grabs during this festival. Three have (or will) be awarded the old fashioned way with tournament wins, but the other one was awarded before Day...more

APPT Korea Main Event: Soyza leads final 14; Han hopes to defend title, Ko hunts treble and Lew looks for 2nd APPT title

Only 14 players are left fighting for the APPT Korea Main Event trophy and Michael Soyza is leading the pack with 2,397,000. Soyza has more than $1 million in live tournament earnings, including a Macau Poker Cup High Roller title, but now he's in the hunt for his first APPT...more

13 April

APPT Korea Main Event: Ota tops Day 1B, Janik leads overall

That's it for Day 1B folks. Only about 90 players survived today's 12 levels of play and after the chips settled, Tsuyoshi Ota had the biggest stack with 266,200. Kojiro Mizukami is close behind with 250,800, but they're both a fair bit behind yesterday's leader. While Ota topped today's field,...more

APPT Korea: Mr & Mrs with Randy & Celina

Celina Lin & Randy Lew How well do you know your loved one? If you're going to get married, one would expect that you should know your other half very well. PokerStars' Celina Lin and Randy Lew announced their engagement earlier this year and we at the PokerStars Blog thought...more

Brand new feature on PokerStars: Early payout tournaments

Did you notice the new feature on PokerStars we introduced last week? It was only a small tweak in the way we do things, but it's already had a positive effect for players. They're called early payout tournaments. Once an MTT reaches the money, all players still in the tournament...more

The week on PokerStars: APPT Korea, Sunday Million repeats, and early payouts

The week on PokerStars... • APPT Korea Main Event in action at Paradise City • Sunday Million Anniversary... Take 2 • Introducing early payout tournaments APPT Korea Main Event The Live poker action comes from Korea this week. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour in is Paradise City, Incheon, where play...more

12 April

Players chip in to help PokerStars raise $50,000 for Right To Play

First ever PokerStars Play Money charity tournament smashes $5 billion Play Money guarantee to help raise funds for 1,660 disadvantaged children. Poker players typically come through when asked. Take the recent event held by PokerStars, a play money tournament to raise money for Right To Play, who help disadvantaged children...more

APPT Korea Main Event: Janik tops Day 1A, Han in hot pursuit

Towards the end of the day, it looked like Scott Janik couldn't lose a hand. Janik won pot after pot and mercilessly sent players to the rail. When it was time to bag, his stack stood above the rest at 307,500. But while Janik was the only player to bag...more

11 April

Ten-year BSOP run to send Marcelo Horta on Platinum Pass flight to Bahamas

Marcelo Horta is a Brasill Series of Poker veteran. He's been on the circuit for a decade. He's also a local grinder, one of Brasilia's well-known tourney players. On Tuesday, he made sure the BSOP title stayed in his hometown. Navigating through a field of 1,136 entries, Horta took on...more

Book your seat in the $10 million guaranteed Sunday Million Anniversary... Take 2

By now you'll know the answer to this new bit of online poker trivia. It's the one that asks: What is the biggest overlay in the history of online poker? Yep. You got it. That's right. It was us. How much? Back in February we staged the Sunday Million Anniversary...more

No stopping Yuki Ko this time as he beats his nemesis to win a Platinum Pass

"I'm so happy that I also won the Platinum Pass, which I have been dreaming about for a long time!" APPT National champion Yuki Ko PokerStars' Platinum Pass promotion continued in Incheon this week with four passes worth $30,000 apiece up for grabs during the APPT Korea festival that's taking...more

10 April

APPT Korea: Yuki Ko clinches National Championship title in rematch against Taehoon Han

It felt like, déjà vu, a glitch in the Matrix or a weird sort of poker-themed Korean groundhog day. We'd seen this scene before, Taehoon Han and Yuki Ko heads-up for a PokerStars title in Korea. But things were a bit different this time. First of all, it was 2018,...more

Brazilian emotion peaks, crowd goes wild, male model going to PSPC on Platinum Pass

So...here's the thing. The Platinum Passes PokerStars is giving out are special, because they are all going to unique people, and because of that, the story we tell is almost always about the person. But...and listen, I'm just going to be honest here, our winner is a piece of work...more

9 April

Weekend Review: Brazilians go Platinum, but fall short of Germans in the Million

You could be forgiven if you thought this was the Brazilian PokerStars Blog this weekend. Those kids tore it up down there in South America. If for some reason you missed it, the Brazilians were winning Platinum Passes like it was their job (okay, for some people, it is their...more

2018 Macau Millions: HK$3,000 for a chance at HK$3,000,000 prize pool

The next stop on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour is the 2018 Macau Millions which will be held at PokerStars LIVE Macau from April 17-23. Whether you're familiar with the biennial event or not, you definitely want to take a look at what's in store so read on! BUY-IN &...more

Hey, Murilo Figueredo, it's not a virus. You won, a Platinum Pass, dude.

To know Murillo Figueredo, you have to know he's a man unafraid to cry and sometimes a man who is unable to stop himself from doing so. The first time we saw it, Figueredo was sat on the floor, his head clutched in his hands, his eyes dropping tears all...more

Crema the crop: Thiago Crema locks up quest to beat the best

Here's how Thiago Crema's dilemma shaped up: he was a popular guy with a couple of competing invitations. Someone had invited him to a wedding in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazil Series of Poker had invited him to play for a PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship Platinum Pass. He was...more

Sunday Million: Kenu V takes the title, $134K after heads-up chop with peterwhooo

It was a Sunday Million final table half-filled with players cashing for many times their previous personal bests. But one player stood out from the rest. peterwhooo was the only return visitor, making a second appearance sincea fifth-place finish back in 2014. He trailed two players as the final table...more

6 April

Split Hold'em: I don't know what I'm doing and I love it!

"I have no idea how to play, but I have top pair on the first board." That, ladies and gentleman, is Spraggy with with some straight-up honesty as he looks at PokerStars' newest offering, Split Hold'em. If I were writing the marketing copy, it would have an announcer's voice saying...more

Pedro Padilha: Sorry I won a Platinum Pass!

Pedro Padilha was a favorite in this weekend's Top do Brasil poker tournament, a contest that's bringing in the best of Brazilian poker players, pitting them against each other, and giving the winner a Platinum Pass and all its benefits...including a free seat in the $25,000 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em...more

5 April

From Street Fighter II to Super Mario Kart: The top 10 video games from the 90s

If the 80s were the birthing pool for huge franchises and some of the best-loved classic arcade titles, the 90s was the time games got serious. Some of the games released in this decade changed the landscape forever, as first-person shooters were unleashed and developers finally got to take their...more

$65 million guaranteed SCOOP set for May 6 kickoff

Here's how to look at this year's Spring Championship of Online Poker: every day for the duration of the series, there will be at least one tournament with a $1 million guarantee. It begins on May 6 and wraps on May 21, and by the end of the championship, SCOOP...more

4 April

VIDEO: PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge Finale

After 300 hands, ten episodes and some sensational cash game poker it's time to say goodbye to the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge. But not before watching the thrilling finale... Whether it was Kevin Hart accidentally winning a huge pot with King-high, cheering on our amateur Challengers or enjoying best friends...more

3 April

Weekend Review: FLBonatto wins the Sunday Million as EPT concludes in Sochi

A brief round-up of the results on PokerStars this past weekend... Weekend highlights on PokerStars • FLBonatto wins Sunday Million • EPT Sochi concludes in Russia, awarding four Platinum Passes • Arseniy Karmatskiy wins Main Event Sunday Million The Sunday Million was all about a Brazilian player this weekend. Fabio...more


APPT Korea begins this Friday at Paradise City (Incheon, South Korea) and the 10-day poker festival has been touted to be the biggest the country has ever seen! How is it different this time around? I'm glad you asked. But before we break it all down, let's take a quick...more

2 April

Sunday Million: After up-and-down ride, FLBonatto tops tough final table for $172K

Here's a simple formula for winning the Sunday Million: bring the chip lead to the final table and ride it to the win. Fabio "FLBonatto" Bonatto managed to pull off the first part, with two key wins on the final table bubble. The second part proved much more difficult....more