$35,000 won each month (for free), and other reasons to play "The League" on PokerStars School

It's possible some players won't want us to tell you this, for reasons that will become obvious. But there are a few things you should know about "The League" tournament series on PokerStars School.

For instance...

There was $35,000 won in prize money last May. May was no exception. That's the amount given away every month.

There have been more than 50 winners since the league was launched back in April 2017. Some of them big.

You can see just how big on the League's Hall of Fame page.

A777BX was the overall winner of The League in May winning a total of $3,000

Leader board prize money in that time adds up to more than $350,000.

That's not all. The daily tournaments that run from the 5th - 30th of every month have awarded more than $120,000 so far.

It's also a global competition.

Players from 95 countries compete against each other every day.

The best is Russian player Frustill2 who has won the most money so far ($6,200).

He's also won the 'Masters' level on two separate occasions, in September 2017, and then again in December 2017.

Others have come close. Players like VeryWolf, who earned a first place in April 2017, and a second place in May 2018.

All good stuff.

But as well as all this there's something else you should know.

It's all free to play.

Which might just make it the best way there is for you to boost your bankroll.

If you're interested in giving things a try you can throw your hat into the ring and see if you have what it takes to becomes a champion.

Because we need a winner for June. And there's no reason that can't be you.

Of course, it's possible you knew all of this. In which case, we're sorry we let everyone else in on it.

But given that 68,452 players took part in May alone, the cat might already be out of the bag.

Find out how you can get involved climbing The League leader boards over at PokerStars School.

There's over $35,000 in prize-money up for grabs every month with The League.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in News