Arlie captures the Canadian GOAT (Tuesday at 2pm PST)

For Arlie Shaban's third challenge, the Poker Gods didn't require him to skin or slay. They wanted him to capture.


1. take into one's possession or control by force.
"By flopping a set to beat her opponent's overpair, she managed to capture all of his chips."
2. record accurately in words or pictures.
"He watched hours of Lex Veldhuis on Twitch, trying to capture all of his moves."

In the original 12 labours, Hercules was instructed to capture the Ceryneia Hind, a creature sacred to Diana, the Goddess of Hunting.

In Arlie's challenge, he was instructed to capture the Canadian GOAT.

With a little help from his audience, and from Bennus "Stratego" Spraggus, Arlie figured out that the Canadian GOAT was none other than Daniel Negreanu.

Seems obvious right? In hindsight, yes. But at first Arlie was hesitant to guess Negreanu. In the video below, he explains why.

Arlie tweeted to the man himself, and sure enough, Negreanu was in. But what was he in for exactly? A training session perhaps?

We'll find out at 2pm Tuesday, PST.

So far Arlie has managed to 'capture' Negreanu for a period of time. Now he needs to capture what Negreanu can teach him.

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Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in News