Arlie... Here's Challenge 5

Dear Arlie...

You came up with some good work in that Canadian GOAT challenge. You made the most of it, and you "let the world know about your deeds". That's exactly what we wanted.

And now you've started, don't stop with that, Arlie. Keep making a noise.

But now it's time to press on. More accurately, it's time for you to make some changes.

If you remember the Hercules story Arlie, his next challenge was of a scatological nature (look that up if you need to... we'll wait for you to stop giggling).

After Hercules gave King Eurystheus a scare with the boar, the King decided to send him to clean mythological amounts of dung, just to humiliate him. We're talking mountains of the stuff.

You'll be glad to hear we don't want to humiliate you, Arlie.

In fact, we want to do exactly the opposite.

We don't want you to deal with anyone else's crap. Just your own. Because your next challenge is:

Get your sh*t together

You won't be cleaning up any stables. But you will be sorting yourself out. We want you to be your best.

And for this you'll need the help of one us. A God of distinction who has experience of this type of thing.

He's known as Ultimus Maximus Sweateus.

He is the God who made a bet which the mortals thought he couldn't win. And then proved everybody wrong.

And he's been one of the STAPLES around here for years now -- one of the first to do what you now do.

You might say he knows his sh*t.

He'll have things for you to do. Easy things, but some difficult stuff too. But we'll send him to you.

Talk to him, and listen to him. Then do what he tells you. We know he's watching you right now. To find him, go where there is DISCORD, Arlie.

But start this right now Arlie. This minute.

Good luck.

The Poker Gods

The Poker Gods
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