Arlie... your third challenge is ready

Dear Arlie...

It's time for another challenge.

By now you'll be fluent in the original Hercules story, and know everything there is to know about the Ceryneia Hind.

This was the third Labor of Hercules.

And it was a beautiful one, Arlie.

See, after all the craziness and slaughter with the first two Labors, this one required Hercules not to kill, but to find a less harmful solution.

Hercules was instructed to capture the Ceryneia Hind, a creature sacred to Diana, the Goddess of Hunting. To harm the creature even a little would be to piss her off big time, Arlie.

So, Hercules planned to trap the animal first, and then return it safely to its rightful owner.

That means for this Labor Arlie, you can take a rest from all that "killing" and trying to beat everyone. There's no poker to be played in this challenge at all.

Instead, we want to test your wits. Because your next challenge is this:

Capture the Canadian GOAT

You must capture our Canadian GOAT, and return him to us unharmed.

Just like the Ceryneia Hind, he's very special to us Arlie. Seriously, break him in any way and they'll be lightning bolts and all kinds of hell to pay.

That said he's quite durable. And friendly too.

How you catch him is important, so pay attention.

Because for This you Will nEEd help. BuT help from who?

You'll need to Seek a Personal Response, Arlie. From a God who has traveled this Great path before You.

Do that, and you'll find the answer.

So, seek out this location Arlie, and be sure to make the most of your time with the Canadian GOAT. Then, return him to us safely.

Good luck.

The Poker Gods

The Poker Gods
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