Ben Spragg streams his way to a second place finish in the Super Tuesday Early Edition

There was a great result for Team Online's Ben Spragg this week in the $215 Super Tuesday (Early Edition), which had $30,000 guaranteed.

Spraggy streamed his way to second place for a cash of $6,090.82. And while disappointed not to have gone all the way for the win, he had this to say about the result.

Ben "Spraggy" Spragg In Real Life

"I've only recently started shot taking the $215s as part of my bankroll challenge, was on a small downswing as well so it's always nice to start a shot on a positive footing. Always disappointing to not take home the win but credit to my opponent who played a wildly aggressive style I just couldn't get to grips with!"

As you'd expect there were a few highlights along the way.

There was this hand...

That was followed by this big hand against Chrisdm.

Which all culminated with the final hand against eventual winner amateur1411. You can watch that one below.

Not the win he wanted, but congratulations to Spraggy on what was still a great result.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in News