Dear Arlie: We have a message for you...

For the attention of Arlie Shaban...

Dear Arlie,

Why are we addressing this directly at you?

That will become clear very shortly. But now we have your attention, we have a question for you.

Are you up for a challenge?

We noticed it had been some time since your last one. And as a poker player, and a streamer, challenges are something you're big on.

So, we thought we'd set you a challenge.

An epic one.

Ever wrestled a wild boar, Arlie? How about hydras? How are you with Hydras?

Because we want to determine whether you belong with the streaming Gods Arlie, worthy of a small piece of poker, and streaming immortality. Or whether you are just a mere mortal.

And let's be clear on one thing.

This isn't just one challenge. Or even a couple. We have 12 challenges for you Arlie. 12 Labours, just like Hercules.

The 12 Labors of Arlie.

Some of them will be easy. Some will be difficult. And while some might seem obvious, be warned... some will be so complex you won't even know where to start.

But you won't be entirely without help.

Your first guide should be the original 12 Labours Hercules faced. From these you'll find not only inspiration, but also a few clues.

And if you get really stuck, then we're here for you Arlie. You can ask us for help.

But we reserve the right to mess with you from time to time. After all, it's our game, and Gods get to have whatever fun they like.

Of course, if this isn't your thing then you can refuse. This letter is to you only. Nobody need ever know we even talked about this Arlie. It's between us.

But what do you say Arlie? Ready to give it a go?

Because your first challenge is already waiting for you.


The Poker Gods

The Poker Gods
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