Dear PokerStars' UNFOLD players

You don't need us to tell you that poker is a frustrating game.

It has a way of making that obvious.

Maybe you tried poker, and even spent time learning the game. But then you discovered the game can sometimes turn against you.

Which is hard not to take it personally.

Or at least take it out on whatever is to hand.

You're not being unreasonable to think that if you could only catch a break you might start getting somewhere.

Instead, you got fed up of folding pairs that become sets, or suited connectors that make unbeatable straights.

Like any rational person you gave up and took up something less frustrating.

Like golf.

You have our sympathy.

But it's why we think you'll like our new game Unfold.

It's a new game, and it takes away some of that frustration.

Because with Unfold you actually get a second chance. If you watch the clip you'll see what we mean.

Unfold lets you "unfold" your cards on the flop. If you fold pre-flop, you can unfold post flop. Remember that frustration? Well no more feeling hard done by, no more dammits, no more FFS!

Because in Unfold, if you don't like your cards, fold them.

Then if that mean if the machine deals a flop you'd have been all over, unfold them, and get back in the game.
We can't promise to make the game any easier - that effort you put in to learn the game still applies.

But we can at least give you the benefit of hindsight.

And maybe a reason to stay off the greens. Or should that be out of the bunkers?

So, here's one reason to give poker a second chance. And maybe that hand you folded pre-flop and which turned into a monster.

You can find out more by visiting the Unfold homepage.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in News