Feeling Twitchy? Have we got a stream for you

It's Sunday. It's Grind-Day. It's the time you might find yourselves watching Twitch and your favorite streamers doing their thing. But...what? They aren't in front of their computers?

The first thing you should do is panic. Check to see if your internet is working. Run into the street, fall to your knees, and scream to the heavens, "Why? Whyyyyyyyy?!"

Or you could just hop on PokerStars' Twitch channel, PokerStars YouTube channel, or the PokerStars.tv stream. There you'll see all of your favorite streamers, and what they're doing is...well, hell, it's hard for us to say exactly, because this is something we don't really do every day.

It's a single-table 8-max tourney that will be streamed on a scant two-minute delay, live from Monte Carlo and featuring Lex Velduis, Fintan Hand, Benjamin Spragg, Fatima de Melo, Randy Lew, Celina Lin, Liv Boeree, and Jake Cody.

It's a winner-take-all event, and whichever of these folks takes it down will get a $10,000 SCOOP buy-in.

The tournament has an...interesting...structure. It has limited re-entries, meaning the first two players to bust will be able to re-enter by completing a challenge that viewers will get to vote on. And once the tournament becomes a freezeout, the viewers can really mix things up by voting for changes to the game

This is going to be ridiculous. And also amazing. Go watch now.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news