Hey Arlie... Now try Challenge number 4

Dear Arlie...

By now, as an avid reader of the Hercules stories, you might be wondering about a few things.

Things like "Who will the boar be?" And, "what will I have to do to defeat him?"

An artist's interpretation of what Arlie might look like were he set the original challenge

Well, for your next challenge it's not just about the beast, Arlie.

See... what we liked about this challenge was not the wits or the strength required of Hercules. After all, it may have been a seriously big boar, but Hercules was quite the beast himself.

No, our favourite part was how Hercules scared the hell out of King Eurystheus, bringing the boar to his palace. The poor guy was terrified and had to hide behind something. For a king, he looked ridiculous.

Hercules did what was asked, then marched up to the king and said: "You wanted me to get this huge beast? Well here it is".

It must count as the first known use of the *micdrop*. Hercules sure was badass, and this was some way to make a statement.

So, Arlie, we want you to make a statement too.

Go tell the world about your deeds

Find a way to make as much noise as you can, and then make it.

Now, you could use those pigeons that perch on your windowsill if you want to, but we think we have a better idea.
Here's a clue, Arlie.

You have our Canadian GOAT with you, and we want him back. If anyone can help you make a statement, he can. Once he has, set him free and he might just have one last piece of information to help you.

Do this right now Arlie, beg him to help you if you must.

Let's see what can you bring us.

Good luck.

The Poker Gods

The Poker Gods
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