How The Big Race could send you to EPT Prague for $2 (and suddenly make you a huge F1 fan)

The New edition of The Big Race promises to award free bets and an EPT Prague package worth a €7,200

Earlier this year we found a way of turning someone into an avid horse racing fan. Even if it was only for about four and a half minutes.

It was part of The Big Race promotion on PokerStars back in March.

The $2 online poker tournament awarded free bets on BetStars, as well as all the usual prize money you'd expect.

But the top finishers got something extra. A chance to win a package worth thousands to the PokerStars Festival Marbella.

The new version of The Big Race will send one player to EPT Prague (and make the Russian Grand Prix this month unmissable)

Each of the top finishers was randomly assigned a horse in the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The player whose horse crossed the line first won the package.

Which turned Chris Hopgood into the world's biggest racing fan. Or at least the world's biggest Native River fan (the winning horse), if only for a few adrenaline-filled minutes.

For $2 he won prize money, free bets and a package to the PokerStars Festival Marbella.

So, this month we're doing it all again. Only this time the Big Race is the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix.

The Big Race works in the same way as last time.

The tournament, which still costs just $2 to play, takes place on Sunday 23 September 23, at 14:00 ET/7pm BST. And there are $2,500 in free bets to be won as well.

But the top prize is an EPT Prague package worth more than €7,000. That's for the top 20 finisher randomly assigned the winning driver of the Russian Grand Prix on September 30.

The package includes an EPT Prague Main Event seat worth €5,300, as well as eight night's accommodation at the Prague Hilton, and €492 spending money. You also get 50 of free BetStars bets.

More free bets will go to the top 500 finishers, ranging from $50 to $2.

Here's what you can win.

1st $50 worth of free BetStars bets
2nd $35 worth of free BetStars bets
3rd $25 worth of free BetStars bets
4th to 9th $15 worth of free BetStars bets
10th to 99th $10 worth of free BetStars bets
100th to 299th $5 worth of free BetStars bets
300th to 500th $2 worth of free BetStars bets

That's three different types of prize to win. And in a change to the previous Big Race, it's open to all shared liquidity players (with the exception of Russia, the Czech Republic, and Greece).

If you like the idea of winning free bets, a package to EPT Prague, or just the thrill of screaming at the TV encouraging Stoffel Vandoorne to "get a move on!" search for The Big Race on the PokerStars app. Or find the tournament under Events in the Tournament Lobby.

Click here to go to The Big Race in the PokerStars Lobby.

And those free bets will work very well on the Russian Grand Prize itself. The market for that will be available at BetStars very soon.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in News