What can poker players do to help recovery efforts after the earthquake in Indonesia?

Indonesia is in a state of shock following the earthquake that struck the country late last month.

Thousands of people have died, with many thousands more injured. In addition, 65,000 homes have also been damaged.
Those numbers are expected to increase as recovery efforts continue.

Everybody shares in that shock. But while efforts to help those in need continues, we're often left wondering what we can do.

Well there's one obvious way you can help.

PokerStars is once again asking players to donate to CARE international.

We've partnered with CARE many times before. Right now they're in the affected area delivering essential supplies to those in most urgent need.

The task is enormous. It's almost doesn't bare thinking about.

The earthquake has affected the lives of 1.6 million people.

That's about the same as the population of Philadelphia.

The island of Sulawesi bore the brunt of the earthquake, which measured 7.5 on the Richter scale.

It caused a six-meter high tsunami to hit the island. That's a wave big enough to cover a typical two-story home.
You don't need pictures to imagine the level of devastation.

To make relief efforts even harder, much of Sulawesi is hard to reach.

Made up for four distinct peninsulas, it's often easier to travel around the island by boat rather than road. All of which makes reaching people most in need even harder.

Like we said, where do you even begin.

Well, PokerStars players have a history of stepping up in these moments. Now we're asking you to help again.
You can help by donating Stars Coin via our rewards store to CARE International, or with a cash donation."

Every donation will help. Right now, the priority on the ground is getting the basics to people.

There's an urgent need for clean water and sanitary supplies, as well as shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed.

CARE plans to support 100,000 people, mainly in the Donggala region -- a region difficult to reach and least likely to receive the help it needs.

They are also making special efforts to help women and girls. They are often disproportionately affected. So, CARE are providing special kits containing sarongs and sanitary towels.

Here's an idea of what your money will pay for:

$38 (3,800 Stars Coin) would pay for a full hygiene kit for a family of seven for a month.
$10 (1,000 Stars Coin) would provide washing soap for a household for a month
$5 (500 Stars Coin) would pay for sanitary napkins for a woman for a month

Anything you can give will help enormously. And PokerStars will match any donations up to the value of $50,000. So even a small amount will go a long way.

There are two ways you can donate.

CARE have set up a page for PokerStars players to donate.

Or you can donate via the Stars Rewards page.

The money goes directly to those providing vital aid to those who need it most.

Poker players continually amaze us with their generosity.

If you're able to help, sincere thanks from everyone at The Stars Group.

Sue Hammett
@PokerStars in