Introducing Split Hold'em

Split Hold'em, a new cash game format that will give players thrilling moments, some fun decisions, and all while exploring a whole new strategy.

Split hold'em is an example of the new variants we've been working on at PokerStars. We think they provide engaging challenges and opportunities for players to test their wits in a fresh format that is new for everybody.

Split Hold'em will be immediately familiar to No Limit Hold'em players, with one single powerful twist-- two Flops, two Turns, two Rivers, and two halves of the pot to win. If the hand goes to showdown you must make the best hand on both boards to win the whole pot.

Also noteworthy is that, for the first time, we will be using the Seat Me system on our global liquidity player pool.

This means that when taking your seat at a Split Hold'em table, instead of manually choosing a table and a seat, you will simply choose the stake that you want to play. If a seat is not immediately available, you will be placed on a waiting list. For more information on Seat Me check out this blog post.

Split Hold'em has already provoked a lot of internal discussion around the best strategy, so we can't wait to see how players adapt. You may know how to play 88 and AQ - but what about when you have two boards to consider? The game will not be a permanent addition to the PokerStars offering so play while you can.

Dan Price, Ring Games Manager

Dan Price
@PokerStars in News